Uvalde Shooter’s Mother Arrested in Oklahoma City for Allegedly Threatening to Kill a Man

The mother of the Uvalde school shooter has been captured and blamed for taking steps to kill a man she was living with, as per various reports.

Adriana Martinez Reyes, 40, was captured on Wednesday, The New York Times revealed.


Martinez Reyes told the police she was the mother of “the one that killed each of the kids in the Uvalde Texas shooting,” as per court records, the distribution said.

Her child, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, killed 19 kids and two instructors on May 24 at Robb Grade School. He likewise died.

Before the school shooting, Ramos shot his grandma in the face. She made due. Martinez Reyes presently lives in Oklahoma, as per KTBX.

On Wednesday, police in Oklahoma City were called to her home for the second time in one day, the Times reports.

A man at the home let them know he had a run in with Martinez Reyes. The man said he was crippled, and despite the fact that he adored her, he had become terrified of her.

Sooner or later, Martinez Reyes took steps to kill the man, he told officials, The New York Times detailed.

Martinez Reyes is accused of taking steps to play out a demonstration of viciousness and threatening behavior, as indicated by NBC News.

The Oklahoma State Courts Organization shows a criminal reasonable justification was petitioned for Martinez Reyes on Thursday, Individuals affirms.

She was let out of the Oklahoma Province Detainment Center on Friday evening, as per CBS member KWTV-DT in Oklahoma City. Her bond was recently set at $1,000.

The news station detailed she left prison wearing a cover and a hoodie and that the one who made the allegation is her sweetheart.

It’s muddled assuming Martinez Reyes has a lawyer who can remark for her benefit. Soon after the school slaughter, Martinez Reyes requested mercy for her child to a columnist.

“I have no words to say since I don’t have any idea what he was thinking. He had his purposes behind doing what he did,” she expressed, as indicated by video distributed by the Related Press.

“Furthermore, kindly don’t pass judgment on him. I simply need … To the honest kids who died, pardon me… Excuse me, pardon my child. I realize he had his reasons.”

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