Voodoo Is Currently Used By Certain Actresses To Transform Men Into ATMs-Judith Iwu

Nollywood entertainer Judith Iwu has voiced her dismay with a few Nollywood entertainers, charging that they have gone to utilizing otherworldly charms or voodoo to entrance well off men for them to carry on with garish and conspicuous lives.

“A portion of my female colleagues and some extrovert ladies are presently working connected at the hip with some Alfas who produce explicit cream for them utilizing voodoo.


Furthermore, in the wake of utilizing these creams on their confidential regions and having illicit relationships with their casualties, the folks transform into strolling ATMs, giving them cash to buy them houses, vehicles, and other material belongings as well as paying for their excursions.

She said that this unethical way of behaving is spreading and represents a genuine danger to everybody, not just the business’ standing, “particularly now that most of Nigerians are clamoring for good change.”

She stressed that the acting business is a good one and that such terrible way of behaving can’t go on without serious consequences under the misrepresentation of enduring a troublesome economy.

Being an entertainer is an honorable work, and I’m pleased with it.

It makes me extremely upset that specific entertainers are currently exploiting the diversion calling to participate in scurrilous way of behaving.

Entertainers should act as motivations as opposed to zingers.

Our once-unwavering admirers are presently so discouraged by us that they have given us discouraging new names like Yeyebrities, Punabrities, and Oloshobrities — the rundown is endless. Iwu said with scorn, “I grieve for my industry.”

The entertainer prompted anybody who participated in such terrible way of behaving to have the legitimate demeanor and keep away from “noodle achievement”.