Vtuber Magni Dezmond Describes Past Life – Face Reveal And Real Name


Magni Dezmond, affectionately called Dez, is an English Virtual YouTuber who has not portrayed his past.

To be sure, he is just now getting established as he made his introduction last month.


Notwithstanding being a beginner, he has the support of Cover Corp and started from collaborations with fans on Twitter.

In their origin story, they made sense of Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS as a midtown bar and where the group got shaped. They used to visit the bar prior to holding hands and made a name to represent a defining moment in their lives.

Did Vtuber Magni Dezmond Describes Past Life? Virtual webstar Magni Dezmond has not disclosed his previous existence as it was only an unjustifiable guess begun by YouTuber Azehara Ch.

The channel with north of 1,000 supporters took out an irregular clasp from the TEMPUS debut broadcast where he was looking at reviewing subtleties.

Despite the fact that he recorded marking, learning Japanese, and joining the Holostars as his objectives yet experienced difficulty recollecting the importance of the Japanese Kanji.

Yet, the clasp in no way, shape or form had even a peep about his previous existence or anything connected with it. The uploader knew about their shortcomings and put a disclaimer in the remark segments that he was a savage for sees.

In excess of nineteen thousand individuals succumbed to his trick, yet he holds no regret for his activities.

Magni Dezmond Face Reveal – What Is His Real Name? Tragically Magni Dezmond has not done a face uncover as he is a virtual person. His artist is Showichi Furumi, while Jujube does his plan.

Oneself announced chemist helps his heavenly capacities, however nobody has seen him truly get serious. He recounts his undertakings, voyaging all over Elysium prior to settling down.

However, this has yet to be addressed in the event that he is a mixtures producer. His brain is a secret as he gazes into the chasm, expecting to remain in his dreams and afterward experience the barbarities of his introduction to the world.

For sure, his labor of love is to uncover the secret secrets of the old sages and conceals a hazier side that gets loaded up with fixation and hyper.

Joining the TEMPUS unit was a piece of his arrangement as he made a youtube channel with a unique tune prior to severing their foundation.

By July, he had arrived at a hundred thousand subs as he kept on transferring one time per day.

His content has a different reach as he does all that from painting and playing the game to welcoming his kindred individuals into the stream.

Averaging 25k to 35k perspectives per stream, he is going to break the objective of 2,000,000 perspectives across every one of the recordings.

Does Magni Dezmond Have Affiliation With TEMPUS? Vtuber Magni Dezmond has affiliations with the innovative organization TEMPUS. He fills in as the organization’s marketing expert, working as a chemist.

The organizations get referred to for their hololive creations as they reported their English-speaking VTuber bunch HOLOSTARS English.

Theories started when their authority Twitter handle dropped a puzzling logo mark in July with a connection to their site.

Their advancements abilities addressed an expedition as the site had a secret for what was to come and a clock counting down to three days after the fact.

July eighteenth turned into the day when they declared the primary unit including virtual characters, Magni Dezmond, Axel Syrios, Regis Altare, and Noir Vesper.