Was Abby Blagg Ever Found? Michael Blagg Daughter Missing Update – Is She Dead?


Abby Blagg was six years of age when she disappeared from Grant Junction. Also, it was almost 20 years prior she disappeared. In any case, Abby was rarely found, and still, her nearby ones anticipate that she should return despite the fact that they realize she is dead.

Similalry, Abby and her mom were last spotted at their home on November twelfth, 2001, somewhere in the range of 3:00 and 3:30 p.m in Grand Junction. Abby’s mom’s body was found at the Mesa County landfill, perished in June of 2002; in the interim, Abby is as yet absent.


Furthermore, Abby’s dad, Michael Blagg, was captured and condemned to kill his significant other Jennifer Blagg and is currently serving the remainder of his life in jail.

Was Abby Blagg Ever Found? Abby Blagg’s case is as yet perplexing as Abby Blagg was rarely found. Yet, the case actually astonished everybody as neither she was found dead nor alive. Subsequently, individuals actually wonder she is alive or dead. In any case, it is practically certain that she is dead.

In like manner, as per the data accessible on the sources, it tends to be accepted that the homicide was pre-arranged as someone called Abby Blagg’s school (Bookcliff Christian School) and let directors know that she would be missing from class on November thirteenth, 2001.

Also, In February of 2002, preceding any criminal allegations were brought against Michael Blagg, he was experienced by law implementation about taking from his manager and the following day, he attempted self destruction. Further, Michael composed a note swearing his guiltlessness in his better half and little girl’s absent before his self destruction endeavor.

Michael Blagg Daughter Missing Update – Is She Dead? Michael Blagg was accused in 2004 of killing his better half. Further, Jennifer Blagg and the couple’s six-year-old girl, Abby, disappeared in 2001. In like manner, Blagg called the power when he got back after working all day and passed on observing a horrendous bed and his family gone.

Jennifer’s body was found seven months after the fact in the region landfill blended in with trash from her better half’s manager. Be that as it may, Abby actually hasn’t been found.

All things considered, the case likewise is by all accounts inexplicable as the minor casualty is as yet not affirmed whether she is dead or alive. Be that as it may, the case has effectively been 20 years of age, and no additional data has been uncovered with regards to Abby, so she is accepted to be dead. Furthermore, Michael will use the remainder of his life behind the prison.

According to sources, Michael Blagg was all the while serving at the jail as Michael in March 2004, Michael Blagg went being investigated. Examiners argued he killed Jennifer due to his requirement for control. In addition, Michael was again found liable after a preliminary in February 2018.