Was Jordan Cashmyer Pregnant? Kids And Family


Was Jordan Cashmyer Pregnant? Jordan Cashmyer’s passing comes only months after her life partner died.

A 26-year-old Baltimore, Maryland local who rose to prevalence with MTV’s unscripted TV drama 16 and Pregnant, which appeared in 2009, has died.


Jordan Cashmyer originally came to public consideration in 2014 when she showed up on Season 5 of 16 and Pregnant.

The program furnished knowledge into her wild connection with her then-beau, Derek Taylor.

Jordan Cashmyer’s reason for death was at last uncovered over a month after her demise.

Jordan died of fentanyl and cocaine inebriation, as per the Maryland Division of Wellbeing’s Office of Boss Clinical Analyst.

The method of death is obscure, and that implies it’s dubious on the off chance that it was coincidental or not. How about we find out was Jordan Cashmyer Pregnant.

Was Jordan Cashmyer Pregnant? No, she was not. Jordan Cashmyer and Derek Taylor split up after episodes ’16 and Pregnant’ circulated.

Jordan invited her most memorable kid, Genevieve “Evie” Shae Taylor, on Walk 7, 2014. She and Derek, the youngster’s Dad, split up soon after their MTV episode of 16 and Pregnant circulated.

As indicated by Individuals, the episode portrayed Jordan’s endeavors to find a spot to live and a task after her folks dismissed her.

After the occurrence, she was determined to have post birth anxiety and, lamentably, endeavored self destruction in November 2014, as per the Day to day Mail.

16 AND Jordan Cashmyer’s Dad, Dennis, and stepmother have sued for guardianship of her girl Lyla, who died from a medication glut seven months prior.

Jordan died of a medication glut on January 15, at 26, only months after her most youthful girl’s Dad passed off the specific reason.

Jordan’s Dad, Dennis, and his significant other, Jessica, requested of for guardianship of their granddaughter Lyla Schaffer on January 28, 2022.

Dennis and Jessica gave the court demise testaments for Jordan and her life partner Michael.

The reason for death for “16 and Pregnant” star Jordan Cashmyer was resolved Wednesday as medication inebriation.

As per the Maryland Branch of Wellbeing’s Office of Boss Clinical Analyst, Cashmyer had fentanyl, despropionyl fentanyl, and cocaine in her framework when she died on January 15 at 26 years old.

As indicated by the organization, the method of death is “unsure,” and that implies it is indistinct if the excess was inadvertent or deliberate.

Jessica Cashmyer, Cashmyer’s stepmother, at first affirmed Jordan’s demise on her Dad, Dennis M. Cashmyer Jr’s. Facebook page, going with a high contrast photograph of the late reality star.

Jordan featured in the MTV unscripted TV drama with her then-beau, Derek Taylor, and their girl, Genevieve “Evie” Shae Taylor, in 2014.

Jordan battled with enslavement and was captured for drug ownership in 2017, only two years in the wake of turning over brief guardianship freedoms to Taylor’s mom.