What are the charges against Stephan Gevorkian? Fake North Hollywood doctor accused of treating patients without licence


Stephan Gevorkian, a 44-year-old from California, has been blamed for treating a few patients without a legitimate clinical permit. He is as of now having to deal with numerous penalties for purportedly imitating an authorized specialist. Gevorkian additionally has to deal with penalties of rehearsing medication on a few group for quite a long time at North Hollywood’s Pathways Clinical. Allegedly, large numbers of his patients even had serious ailments, including disease.

Stephan Gevorkian faces five crime counts of rehearsing medication without a permit. As per Los Angeles Region Head prosecutor George Gascón, such strategies might have caused “unsalvageable mischief” to the strength of patients.


The California Branch of Buyer Undertakings Division of Examination is exploring the situation. It is being indicted by the Head prosecutor’s Purchaser Assurance Division. Stephan Gevorkian’s arraignment was booked for Friday, April 28, 2023, and he was delivered in the wake of taking his own perception expressing that he wouldn’t participate in such exercises.

Stephan Gevorkian was captured after a secret examiner found him mimicking a specialist in Southern California. The 44-year-old is associated with treating large number of patients without a substantial clinical permit. He worked in Pathways Clinical, which is his own facility.

While police were dubious of his pantomime, they sent a covert examiner to the facility in November 2022, for a discussion. The official said that Gevorkian neglected to precisely address unusual levels of a specific chemical which might have shown a serious clinical issue.

He right now has to deal with penalties of five counts of rehearsing medication without a permit. As per Gevorkian’s legal counselors any cases that he was imitating a specialist to misdirect or treat clueless individuals was “deluding and verifiably bogus.”

Examiners guaranteed that Gevorkian treated patients who had a few sicknesses, including viral contaminations and, surprisingly, complex infirmities like malignant growth. His foundation would direct blood tests and encourage on medicines to the patients, who had no clue about what was happening.

A few surveys on Howl likewise uncovered that Stephan Gevorkian was a phony specialist. One of the analysts, Nicole B., that’s what composed that they trusted “Dr. G” was a fake. The audit expressed that the main thing “right” with their blood work was their vitamin D levels. They added that they “ran” when they saw their gauge for medicines which was almost $5k.

The commentator additionally prompted others not to get “suckered into supporting” the facility and the impolite individuals there.

exhorts patients about therapies and offers therapies for conditions incl disease and viral contaminations, investigators said. Gevorkian was never captured, the representative said. Any individual who accepts they have been defrauded asked to call Customer Assurance hotline at 213-257-2465.

In any case, Gevorkian’s foundation has likewise gotten a few positive surveys on Howl and right now has a 4.5-star rating. While a commentator wrote in February that the spot is “staggering”, another commentator referenced how astonishing the organization is.

Specialists have asked the general population, who could have been “defrauded” because of the supposed fake specialist or his foundation, to contact the Shopper Assurance Hotline.