What Happened Between Steven Johnson & Sonya Curry? Couple Files For Divorce Amid Cheating Allegations


Sonya Curry 55, is the mother of Steph Curry and Seth Curry, Sonya petitioned for legal separation against her significant other Dell following 33 years of marriage. L

Steph Curry and Seth Curry are both unmistakable b-ball players, their mom is Sonya Curry who is likewise the spouse of renowned player Dell Curry. Notwithstanding, because of some ill will, the couple’s marriage has been circling in the media.


Sonya and Dell are going for a separation following 33 years of their conjugal life. The separate case of the couple is betrayal in the marriage. We should study their issues with one another.

What Happened Between NFL TE Steven Johnson and Sonya Curry? Steven Johnson is a resigned NFL football payer who played as a tight end for New England Patriots, Virginia Tech, and Patriots. Sonya Curry is sincerely connected with Steven Johnson.

Sonya stresses that her relationship with Steven Johnson was after she sought legal separation from her better half following 33 years of conjugal life. At present, Sonya and Steven appear to share a merciful bond.

Moreover, Johnson likewise is by all accounts a stand-up person, as he has been associated with humanitarian exercises like giving 1,000,000 dollar towards the development of indoor practice at Virginia Tech.

Sonya Curry Divorce From Her Husband: What Are The Cheating Allegations Of The Couple? Sonya Curry is separating from her better half because of his duping charges against him. She upheld that her better half has gone behind her back with various ladies.

In any case, Dell Curry additionally contended that Sonya had been going behind his back with Steven Johnson who is by all accounts in the couple enmity.

Dell expresses that she isn’t qualified for support, as Sonya was with Johnson in Tennessee when two or three was as yet hitched before their lawful partitions with one another.

Moreover, the web is attempting to track down reality with regards to the guardians of their number one b-ball player and their separation partition.

Steven Johnson NFL TE Wife Steven Johnson is a previous player in NFL who played tight end. Additionally, he appears to have a relationship with the spouse of Dell Curry.

Also, Sonya and Steven have been reputed to be together before the partition of her marriage with Dell. They appear to impart great science to one another.

Regardless, we couldn’t observe the relationship subtleties of Steven Johnson. Along these lines, there is no data about his better half or other special interactions.