What Happened To Anthony Templet? ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ Documentary Of Missing Child


Anthony Templet lived in Louisiana at that point. He was just 20 years of age. In June of 2019, he killed his dad Burt Templet in the family home by shooting him.

WAFB9 says that the primary charge against Templet was murder in the subsequent degree. However, the sentence was changed to homicide after his family said that he had acted with good reason since his dad had been beating him for quite a long time.


He argued “no challenge” to a charge of careless homicide for the demise of his dad the prior year. Because of this supplication, he was given five years of regulated probation, yet he got credit for the time he had previously spent in prison.

Wikipedia about Anthony Templet Anthony Templet was just 17 when he killed his dad, and he as of late discussed the occasion.

On June 3, 2019, his dad was taken shots at their home in Baton Rouge. From that point onward, he was arrested. As per the neighborhood news station WAFB9, Anthony told a 911 administrator on the telephone that he was dependable.

Burt died only a couple of days after he was shot. Anthony let the 911 administrator know that he and his dad got into a battle since his dad attempted to hit Anthony. He was good with the way that he had shot his dad multiple times.

From everything that Anthony said to the police, the battle began when they squabbled over Anthony’s telephone. WAFB9 says that Burt attempted to glance through Anthony’s telephone to check whether he had conversed with Burt’s ex, Susan Templet. Anthony said that his alcoholic dad had attempted to go after him before the man rushed to his room and snatched a firearm from the end table.

Anthony Templet isn’t anywhere near Anthony Templet shielded himself by shooting his dad multiple times. All things considered, when more reports arrived in, a stunning truth became exposed.

Anthony’s tragically missing relative Natasha reached out to him when she wasn’t supposed to. She said that Burt had removed Anthony quite a while back, which implied that he had been absent for over 10 years.

Natasha let Wafb.com know that in 2008, Burt had taken Anthony, who was then five years of age, from his home in Texas and taken him to an obscure spot. She said that it required her eleven years to see whether her brother was as yet alive or not. She proceeded to say that Anthony’s dad had an example of mishandling him and getting him far from others when he was youthful.

She discussed what they did at home consistently before Burt removed Anthony. She said that Burt and her mom had been together for around a decade. In any case, the entire time they were together, they were excessively malicious toward one another.

At the point when Burt took Anthony, his mom, Teresa, and his sister set up “Lost Child” banners, yet nobody at any point got back to them or gave them any data. When Burt had Anthony, he began to get him far from others and wouldn’t allow him to go to class. Along these lines, Anthony didn’t converse with many individuals beyond his loved ones.

The Advocate says that Anthony’s attorney, Jarrett Ambeau, said that his client had kept his dad alone and frequently hurt him.

Where Could Anthony Templet Now be? Right now, it’s not satisfactory where Anthony is. Anthony just began his probation in 2021, so almost certainly, he will in any case need to complete it.

According to in light of what Distractify, Anthony should complete secondary school and seek guidance. He can likewise meet the provisions of his discipline by finding an everyday line of work or going to class. Suppose he can do these things without causing problems. All things considered, his crook record may be cleared up over the long haul. It implies that it won’t exist any longer.

Decider expresses that since he got out waiting on the post trial process, Anthony has reached out with his mom and the remainder of her side of the family.

In the narrative, a more youthful rendition of Anthony experiences difficulty holding his feelings in line as he watches an old meeting video of himself. The variant of himself from the past thinks briefly prior to replying “yes” when inquired as to whether he wants to carry on with a typical life.