What happened to Bella Fontenelle? Officials reveal cause of death for 6-year-old killed in Harahan


A 43-year-elderly person, Hannah Landon was captured on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, for purportedly killing her beau’s little girl Bella Fontenelle in Harahan, Louisiana. An official statement from the Jefferson Ward Sheriff’s Office expressed that when Bella’s dad awakened on Wednesday, he was unable to track down Bella and Hannah. He went to the neighborhood police headquarters to report Bella Fontenelle missing.

Trigger admonition: This article contains notices of the homicide and severe passing of a youngster. Carefulness is encouraged.


As per a report in Individuals, Bella’s remaining parts were found in one piece and not dissected in a can put external her organic mother’s home. The remaining parts were found almost an hour after the six-year-old was accounted for missing. As indicated by Jefferson Area Coroner’s Office, Bella was pounded prior to being choked to death.

Hannah Landon was captured around the same time for the homicide of six-year-old Bella Fontenelle. Policing additionally found one more male kid in the house who was safe.

As referenced before, police made the horrifying revelation on April 26, 2023, at a house in Harahan, which is almost 10 miles west of New Orleans.

An official statement by specialists said that they found Bella Fontenelle’s remaining parts inside a gigantic plastic can outside her natural mother’s home. It added that the six-year-old was articulated dead at the scene.

Policing, including the Jefferson Ward Sheriff’s Office and the organization’s Significant Wrongdoings Team, were associated with the examination of Bella Fontenelle’s passing. After an exhaustive examination, officials recuperated some Ring doorbell observation film. Film from the earlier night showed Landon pulling a cart with a container down Donelon and Sedgefield drives of Harahan.

The agitating film showed Hannah Landon at around 9:33 pm nearby time as she strolled down the road with the cart. The 43-year-old is seen putting forth no attempt to conceal the can or the kid’s body as vehicles move around her.

Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said that they accept Bella was killed at her dad’s home prior to being shipped to her mom’s home in the cart.

As referenced before, an examination report uncovered that Bella Fontenelle was thumped and choked. Coroner Gerry Cvitanovich added that Bella had supported numerous wounds preceding her passing.

The coroner said that he needed to explain that the youngster’s body was flawless and not dismantled. He added:

In the wake of scrutinizing the kid’s natural guardians, police reached the resolution that neither of them accepted that the other was liable for the kid’s demise.

Landon was associated with murder after police saw the Ring doorbell camera film. Policing got a capture warrant for Hannah Landon and captured her on doubt of first-degree murder and impediment on Wednesday.

Landon was shipped off the medical clinic for assessment, and once released, she will be set up for the Jefferson Ward Adjustment Center.