What Happened To Deborah Marion Since Son Lorenzen Wright Murder?


Deborah Marion is the mother of previous b-ball player Lorenzen Wright, who was shot dead in 2010. The case stayed inexplicable for a long time before at last a weapon prompted the capture and sentence of the killer.

In a stunning disclosure, it was figured out that Lorenzen’s ex Sherra Wright-Robinson worked with the homicide which was taken out by a Shelby County gardener named Billy Ray Turner.


Both were accused of first-degree murder and Billy was condemned to life in jail, though, Sherra Wright-Robinson was condemned to 30 years in jail.

What has been going on with Deborah Marion Since Son Lorenzen Wright Murder? Deborah Marion experiences tracked down harmony of brain after the enemies of her child, previous NBA player Lorenzen Wright, were condemned to jail. In May 2022, she went to the parole request of Lorenzen’s ex Sherra Wright-Robinson, which was denied by the court.

Deborah Marion was battling for equity for her child, previous NBA player Lorenzen Wright, who was shot dead in 2010. She had continually been searching for replies to the homicide of her child for a very long time.

At long last, following seven years of perplexing problem, the firearm accepted to have been utilized to kill Wright was tracked down in a Walnut, Mississippi lake on November 9, 2017. Shelby County church minister at Mt. Olive No. 1 Missionary Baptist Church in Collierville, Billy Ray Turner was prosecuted on the first-degree murder.

In December 2017, Billy Ray Turner was indicted for first-degree murder and condemned to life in jail, though, in July 2019, Wright-Robinson conceded to assistance of first-degree murder and was condemned to 30 years in jail.

Lorenzen Wright Parents And Family Details Lorenzen Wright was born to Herb Wright and Deborah Marion. He was born and brought up in Oxford, Mississippi. He is one of the four offspring of his folks.

The departed previous ball player was made due by his folks, his kin Lou Wright, Savia Archie, and Adriane Harris, as well as his six youngsters, Lorenzen Wright Jr., Shamar Wright, Loren Wright, Lamar Wright, Sofia Wright, and Lawson Wright. His children Lorenzen Jr., Shamar, and Lamar are proficient b-ball players.

Lorenzen’s dad, Herb Wright was an expert b-ball player who once had a tryout with the Utah Jazz. He likewise contended in Finland and was working for the Memphis Police Department. At the point when Lorenzen was seven years of age, Herb was incapacitated by a shot to the back.

Lorenzen Wright Murder Motive And Court Case Explored After Lorenzen Wright disappeared on July 18, 2010, his dead body was found on July 28 on Callis-Cutoff Road in Memphis, Tennessee. His projectile perplexed dead body was breaking down in the wooden region where it was found.

Following seven years of unanswered inquiries and the secret encompassing the homicide, a firearm prompted the killer Billy Ray Turner. It was subsequently uncovered that Lorenzen’s ex Sierra worked with the homicide.

The conceivable rationale in the homicide was accepted to be cash and ravenousness. It was uncovered that a $1 million disaster protection strategy was held by Lorenzen Wright. In 2014, Sierra consented to a classification repayment of a disagreement regarding how she spent the cash to help her six kids.

Be that as it may, at long last, the blameworthy were rebuffed by the court. Billy Ray Turner was condemned to life in jail, though, Sherra was condemned to 30 years in jail, doubtlessly stirring up a lot of consternation for Lorenzen’s mom, Deborah who believed that her ex-little girl in-regulation should confront a similar charge as Turner. In any case, a fair consequence was given finally.