What Happened To Katlego Maboe? Inside Married Life Of South African TV presenter

Katlego Moswane Maboe, or Katlego Maboe, is a media figure from South Africa. He conveys the title of a TV moderator, vocalist lyricist, and bookkeeper before his name.

Maboe is famous for mooring the morning talk show The Expresso on SABC 3 since its send off in 2010. He won consecutive honors for Best TV Presenter at the South African Film and Television Awards in 2015 and 2016. The TV have, in any case, pulled out from the show in 2020 after his now-ex Monique Muller blamed him for manhandling her.


It was as of late reported that Katlego Maboe would get back to The Expresso Morning Show on 8 August 2022, following a two-year break. Expresso’s promotions for Maboe’s re-visitation of the program show that the program might return to what happened up and down these two years.


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Katlego Maboe Cheated On His Ex Wife Monique Muller In 2020, Bursting A Social Media Outcry Following allegations of infidelity and misuse made against Maboe by his ex, Monique Muller, he was at the focal point of an online entertainment commotion in 2020. The allegations scaled back him to the point he needed to step down from all his expert stages.

Maboe dwelled in Johannesburg from 2018 to 2020 with his better half, Monique Muller, and child, Phoenix Katlego Maboe. Abruptly, in October 2020, Monique approached via virtual entertainment and uncovered that the moderator had attacked her, undermined her, and given her a STI.

Monique posted a video of Maboe and the delegate for the essential insurance agency OUTsurance, with whom Maboe conceded to having an extramarital illicit relationship, on her Twitter account in those days, and the Internet immediately went wild. Monique was heard giving Maboe a deadline in the video to uncover the personality of his courtesan. It was indistinct what the final offer was for, however Maboe tells her that he went behind her back with a lady named Nikita Murray, who was likewise hitched.

Monique’s video on Twitter was later reposted by her brother, Seth Muller, on his Instagram. Sharing it, Seth guaranteed that Maboe’s lawyer had taken steps to have him and a companion detained on the off chance that they kept on standing in opposition to how Maboe had abused Monique. Seth additionally uncovered that Maboe gave her sister a STD that made malignant growth cells become dynamic and that she probably won’t have the option to have kids again in his Instagram post.

Additionally, Seth said, Maboe undermined Monique various times, including when she was conveying his child. Once more he conveyed a wariness to Maboe, saying, “@KatlegoMaboe, you can have me secured, however, you can’t stow away from this pal.” through his online entertainment.

Katlego Maboe Found Not Guilty Of Abuse Accusations Maboe recognized the unfaithfulness however never conceded attacking his ex, which he even implied in a tweet he distributed on 23 October 2020.

The maltreatment allegations raised by Monique and her brother Seth were a focal point in the defeat of Maboe. Following the charges, he was removed from all the OUTsurance publicizing he had recently been. The Expresso Morning Show likewise put out an announcement in which it emphatically denounced all demonstrations of savagery and abuse, especially those committed against ladies and youngsters, and treats any cases of such conduct extraordinarily in a serious way. They expressed that Maboe wouldn’t show up on The Expresso Morning Show until the examination was finished and the discoveries were unveiled.


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The circumstance Maboe and Monique were in clearly prompted their detachment and battle for self confidence and poise. The court preliminaries for the maltreatment, on 27 January 2022, declared a decision for Katlego, finding him not guilty.

In September 2021, Katlego documented a body of evidence for slander against Manique and her brother Seth, looking for R1 million in punitive fees, a confirmation of culpability, and a withdrawal. As per Maboe’s lawyers, they harmed the two his standing and his ability for business.

After Maboe’s success over the situation, he posted a legitimate explanation on his Instagram expressing that he is likewise making a lawful move against a gathering engaged with slander and disturbing his monetary potential.


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Is Katlego Maboe Dating Anyone Right Now? Maboe doesn’t have all the earmarks of being seeing someone now. He has as of late been out of all the court trips, so he had no chance to contemplate dating anybody.

Inspecting Monique’s Instagram account that goes by the name @moniquemuller684, it appears to be that she has care of the kid, and it may be the case that Maboe and Monique co-parent their child notwithstanding all the past. It likewise creates the impression that Monique is taken part in aggressive behavior at home missions and promotion projects according to her Instagram posts.

The Tv moderator is set to return on The Expresso Morning Show on 8 August 2022 following two years of break.