What happened to Lashawn Thompson? Atlanta inmate found dead in bug-infested jail cell


A detainee named Lashawn Thompson was found dead in a cell of Atlanta’s Fulton Province Prison in 2022. As per Thompson’s family, when specialists found him, he was in an extremely unsanitary and terrible condition. The cell was bug-swarmed and heaps of blood suckers and bugs eating him were found too. The family is currently requesting an examination concerning Lashawn’s demise.

The family’s lawyer, Michael Harper, expressed that they are currently requesting an intensive criminal examination concerning Thompson’s demise. Harper said that Lashawn Thompson was captured in June 2022, and was then taken to Fulton District Prison. Notwithstanding, because of his current emotional well-being issues, Thompson was set in the mental unit.


Close to 90 days after the fact, he was tracked down dead in a terrible state. Harper additionally asserted that albeit clinical staff and prison specialists realize that his condition was breaking down, they didn’t assist him with improving.

A Fulton District Prison detainee was found dead inside his bug-plagued cell. The prisoner was recognized as 35-year-old Lashawn Thompson, who was captured that late spring for misdeed basic battery.

Lashawn Thompson was tracked down inert and later proclaimed dead on September 19, 2022. Neighborhood specialists had a go at overseeing life-saving estimates on Thompson, in any case, he didn’t answer.

As per a report produced on October 26, 2022, an official from the prison said that it was obscure the last time Lashawn was seen alive. The coroner who analyzed Lashawn Thompson’s body additionally expressed that there were no undeniable indications of injury.

As indicated by lawyer Harper, Lashawn’s family’s legal counselor, they are requesting a criminal examination concerning his demise. The lawyer added that they are likewise requesting the prison to be closed down as the cells “are horrendous and not good for a creature.”

Harper affirmed that a claim is at present forthcoming for this situation. The lawyer likewise expressed that Lashawn Thompson’s passing has been quite possibly of the most “harsh” passings that he has at any point seen. Harper went on by saying what is happening was horrendous to such an extent that it blew a gasket the confinement official to the point that she was unable to try and regulate CPR.

As per Thompson’s family, they set up for clinical records from the prison. The records supposedly reasoned that the clinical staff at the prison, and the detainment official, realize that Lashawn Thompson’s condition was deteriorating. In any case, they didn’t make an adequate move.

“They in a real sense watched his wellbeing decline until he died. Where Mr. Thompson was housed was not good for an unhealthy creature. He didn’t merit this. Somebody must be considered responsible for his passing.”

The Fulton Region Clinical Analyst’s Office expressed that the explanation for Lashawn Thompson’s passing was ‘dubious.’ One more report from November expressed:

“As per reports got through an open records demand, clinical experts got to survey the September episode found that 100% individuals held in one unit had either lice, scabies or potentially both.”The terrible state of the stuffed correctional facilities has been depicted to be a “compassionate emergency”

A few upsetting pictures portraying Lashawn Thompson’s prison cell’s condition have uncovered how grimy and unsanitary they were. It was likewise observed that there was a “extreme kissing bug pervasion.”

Last year, Fulton Region Sheriff Patrick Labat resolved the issues of congestion in the prison, and that they needed reserves. He said,

“He (Lashawn Thompson) didn’t merit this. Somebody must be considered responsible for his passing. The Fulton Area Prison should be shut and supplanted.”

Labat uncovered that the prison’s populace was 3,600, notwithstanding, in the beyond two years, 1,400 new detainees were reserved there. Upwards of 428 detainees needed to rest on the floor because of outrageous congestion. One of the city’s magistrates, Bounce Ellis, depicted the disastrous and terrible circumstance to be a “helpful emergency.”

Sheriff Labat expressed that the prison cells were in “decrepit and quickly disintegrating conditions.” Labat likewise recognized building another prison. A measure of $27 million has been presented for giving mental and actual wellbeing administrations for the detainees. Labat has, nonetheless, requested an extra $6 million to manage a few different issues.