What happened to Margaret Craig? Mother, daughter arrested after grandmother found dead inside family home in Maryland


Candace Craig, 44, and Salia Solid were captured by the Ruler George’s Area Police Division regarding the demise of 71-year-old Margaret Craig in late May. The mother and her 19-year-old little girl are having to deal with penalties in Maryland after the supposed killing of the grandma, trailed by an endeavor to cover her remaining parts.

In light of extra proof and meetings, starter examination proposes that Candace Craig killed her mom on May 23, 2023. The next day, her little girl, Salia Solid, purportedly helped with endeavoring to discard the remaining parts.


The intention behind the killing remaining parts obscure and is right now being scrutinized. “To say it’s upsetting is putting it mildly,” said @SABraveboy. “The claims in the articulation of charges are alarming.” She addressed inquiries from correspondents after the bond hearing for Candace Craig, 44, and Salia Strong, 19.

As per the police division, officials answered a government assistance keep an eye on June 2, at 1:30 pm, in block 200 of Slope Street, provoked by a concerned 911 guest who had not heard from Margaret Craig for a few days.

Candace Craig, Margaret Craig’s girl, addressed the entryway and permitted officials admittance to the home. After entering the cellar, the officials promptly identified the scent of deterioration.

Upon notice, the Murder and Proof Units were cautioned and assumed control over the examination. In the wake of get-together extra proof and directing numerous meetings, analysts claimed that Candace Craig carried out the homicide of her mom, Margaret Craig, on May 23.

Candace Craig was then accused of first and second-degree murder, while Salia Solid, her girl, was accused of being an accomplice to the wrongdoing.

Significant David Coat, authority of the Ruler George’s Province Police Division’s significant wrongdoings division, expressed that the suspects will be considered responsible for their activities:

“The investigators of the Murder Unit will guarantee a careful examination is led and that the two suspects are considered responsible for their brutal and criminal way of behaving.”
Margaret Craig’s occurrence follows another sad case including a 17-year-old kid, who was blamed for attacking his family and killing his 88-year-old grandma, Patricia Frances Maslow. The young person was accused of second-degree murder and two counts of first-degree attack.

As per specialists, the casualty surrendered to sharp and gruff power wounds supported during the assault. The suspect’s mom, a 55-year-elderly person, remains hospitalized because of obtuse power injury, while a 23-year-old person who endured head injury has been let out of the clinic.

Two different grown-ups got treatment for minor wounds. The home housed a sum of six individuals at the hour of the occurrence. Recently, a grandma in North Carolina was accused of homicide for supposedly pounding the life out of her 8-year-old granddaughter. The Nash Province Sheriff’s Office answered a clinic in February, where the seriously harmed adolescent was brought yet was articulated dead upon appearance.

Examiners confirmed that the young lady had supported lethal wounds because of the serious beating caused by her 72-year-old grandma, Patricia Ann Ricks. Ricks was accused of first-degree murder and crime youngster maltreatment with serious injury. The person in question and a few kin were living with Ricks, who filled in as their legitimate gatekeeper.