What happened to Nadine Slade? New York police arrests suspect 31 years after teen’s death


Curtis Beam Watson, a Tennessee detainee previously carrying out a 15-year punishment for the 2012 irritated capturing and attack of his significant other, was condemned to serve life in jail without any chance to appeal for the r*pe and murder of a revisions head, Debra Johnson, who was found s*xually attacked and choked in her home on the grounds of the West Tennessee State Prison in August 2019.

Watson argued no challenge to first-degree murder in the execution of a r*pe and exasperated r*pe, and confessed to seven extra charges, which included irritated robbery and departure. He purportedly got away from the jail utilizing a farm hauler and keeping in mind that doing as such, r*ped and killed Johnson. He was captured a couple of days after the fact in Henning after a wild manhunt.


As per reports, Curtis Beam Watson is as of now carrying out his punishment at the Morgan District Remedial Complex close to Wartburg, Tennessee.

ID’s See No Underhanded describes Watson’s jail escape and the homicide of Debra Johnson in its most recent episode, named Jail Break.

As indicated by The New York Times, Curtis Beam Watson stayed on the loose for five days after he choked redresses director Debra Johnson at her home situated on the grounds of the West Tennessee State Prison on August 7, 2019, preceding escaping the jail on a farm truck. Five days after his stupendous break, Watson rose up out of a soybean field and gave up to policing.

Similar reports express that according to David Rausch, the overseer of the Tennessee Department of Examination, he looked “eased to be done with his run.” Rausch further expressed in a public interview:

“He [Curtis] realized he wasn’t moving away a result of the quantity of policing was available.”

Subsequent to being on the run for quite a long time, Watson was secured not long before 11 am on August 11, 2019, by two prison guards. The capture was put forth once the defense at last reached a crucial stage after Harvey and Ann Taylor’s security framework awakened them, cautioning them that somebody was behind their home on Graves Road. The couple before long perceived the man and called 911.

Upon the arrival of his break, Watson was set free from the office for his work task of cutting yards. He approached jail gear, including a golf truck and a farm hauler. It was the last option that he used to drive away in the first part of the day hours that day. He then, at that point, killed Debra Johnson, whose body was viewed as choked and s*xually attacked at 11:30 that very morning.

Sources express that after DNA tests taken from Johnson’s house were utilized to put him at the crime location, Curtis Beam Watson was accused of 15 counts, including first-degree planned murder, first-degree murder-crime murder robbery, first-degree murder-crime murder r*pe, and particularly disturbed thievery r*pe, among others.

In June 2021, Watson argued no challenge to two charges – first-degree murder in the execution of a r*pe and exasperated r*pe – and confessed to seven different charges, including irritated robbery and departure. He was condemned to existence without any chance to appeal with a sequential 25 years at 100% for the exasperated r*pe charge.

As per the Tennessee Division of Remedies, Watson is presently spending time in jail at the Morgan District Restorative Complex.