What happened to Nicholas Booth and William Hammitt? Officials identify teens killed in Chesterfield county car crash


On Wednesday, April 12, the head of James Waterway Secondary School recognized Nicholas Stall and William Hammitt as the two understudies who were killed in the Chesterfield Province auto collision daily prior.

On Tuesday, April 11, specialists said two James Stream Secondary School understudies died in a blazing accident in Chesterfield while speeding along Old Weapon Street West.


While specialists didn’t promptly uncover the names of the people in question, who were supposedly articulated dead at the scene, on Wednesday evening, a representative for Chesterfield Region State funded Schools sent NBC12 a message affirming the names of the two seniors killed in the accident.

According to the representative, the head of James Waterway Secondary School, Dr. Amanda Voelker, imparted the overwhelming message to different guardians of the understudies in the wake of acquiring consent from the casualties’ families.

Subtleties investigated as Nicholas Stall and William Hammitt are killed in Chesterfield province fender bender
As per NBC News, on Tuesday, April 11, around 5.47 pm, Nicholas Corner and William Hammitt, seniors at James Waterway Secondary School, were driving along the 3200 block of Old Firearm Street West in Chesterfield Province in a BMW at a high pace when the driver supposedly failed to keep a grip on the vehicle.

Thus, the BMW purportedly tilted off the street and struck the carport before the vehicle flipped over and burst into flames.

Specialists said that Nicholas Corner and William Hammitt were caught inside the vehicle and were articulated dead at the scene. In an official statement, the Chesterfield Police Division said:

While authorities didn’t promptly distinguish the suspects, the head of James Waterway Secondary School sent an email delivering the understudies’ names to colleagues and school families. In the letter, Dr. Amanda Voelker distinguished the casualties as Nicholas Corner and William Hammitt and added:

According to WTVR, different understudies let specialists know that upon the arrival of the accident, Nicholas Stall and Willaim Hammitt were playing a round of “senior professional killer,” an aggregate understudy supported contest between school seniors where players are relegated focuses to take out every week with water firearms.

Not long after the school declared the passings, James Stream Secondary School and the more prominent Chesterfield Area people group grieved the passings of secondary school understudies Nicholas Corner and William Hammitt.

On Wednesday, the James Stream Secondary School Senior Professional killer Instagram page declared it would end the game right on time in the midst of the misfortune that struck the local area. The page additionally expressed that the cash from the game would be given to the groups of the two casualties.