What Happened To Richard Okorogheye? Missing Teen Took His Own Life, Family Incompetent Apology From Met Police


Richard Okorogheye was a 19-year-old kid from Ladbroke Grove, west London, whose reason for death has stayed undisclosed; he disappeared on the 22nd of March 2021 and was tracked down dead following fourteen days of disappearing.

The late high schooler would have turned 20 on the fourth of November 2021, yet God appears to have had an alternate arrangement for him. Okorogheye went to Oxford Brookes University, and he had sickle cell infection.


Additionally, he disappeared at the hour of the pandemic in 2021, and he would just take off from the house to go to the clinic for customary blood bondings for his condition. Likewise, he avoided his drugs the last day he went out.

Richard Okorogheye Death Cause: Murdered Or Suicide Case? A 19-year-old youngster Richard Okorogheye whose passing reason has stayed a secret as police guarantee that he ended his own life, yet his folks accept in any case.

Okorogheye’s body moved found 20 miles away following fourteen days of disappearing in Epping Forest, Essex. The investigators shared that there was no hint of outsider inclusion as they tracked down no proof of actual injury or attack.

Notwithstanding, his mother figures Richard could never end it all, and he could have gotten tricked in to follow through with something, or somebody could have caused him to take cues from them. The late teen had big dreams which got broken in a flicker of an eye to a disaster; may his withdrew soul relax in heaven.

Richard Okorogheye’s Family Reject Met Police Apology Okorogheye’s family dismissed Met Police’s expression of remorse since they lost their valuable youngster because of their recklessness; had they given more accentuation on the missing case, the late teen would have been alive.

The officials who got the message of the late adolescent’s missing report showed an inadmissible degree of administration. Besides, his mother Evidence Joel uncovered how she got excused by numerous Metropolitan Police staff at all degrees of position, and his vanishing got trifled with.

In addition, according to the proof accumulated by IOPC, officials neglected to record the youngster’s ailment accurately; he had sickle cell paleness. The intel connecting with his medical problems ought to have gotten given to the applicable group for guaranteed activity, yet one of the officials told Joel, ‘On the off chance that you can’t find your child, how would you anticipate that we should?’

Who Killed Richard Okorogheye? Reddit Reactions Richard’s demise has stayed unexplained and secretive as nobody understands what caused his passing, despite the fact that police announced no outsider was involved.

Some accept he could have gotten killed as his mom shared the late youngster could have met somebody through Playstation 5 as he became discouraged during the lockdown of 2021.

He keep going got spotted on CCTV film strolling miles from their home in Loughton, Essex, on the 23rd of March 2021. She further made sense of how he could never have gone to Loughton except if he was meeting somebody.

Also, Okorogheye’s body got found by police in an Epping Forest lake on the fifth of April. His companion Hala Mohamad likewise uncovered that she got trick calls while he disappeared saying I’ve seen Richard, or I’ve tracked down his body. Nonetheless, the individual who killed the blameless soul has stayed a question mark, and it isn’t even demonstrated on the off chance that somebody ended his life.