What Happened To Sally Taylor On South Today? Fans Miss Their Presenter and Wonder If She Has Retired

Sally Taylor was a moderator on BBC South Today who worked with the late Harry Gration on the show. The writer as of late honored her previous co-moderator, Harry Gration, on Twitter.

Individuals are interested to know what the popular BBC moderator has been doing such a long time and why she quit South Today such countless a long time back. Taylor filled in as a moderator on the BBC show starting around 1987 and was cherished by her audience.


Allow us to study what befell Sally Taylor on South Today, where she is today, and track down additional updates about her wellbeing and sickness.

What has been going on with Sally Taylor On South Today? BBC South Today moderator Sally Taylor quit the show in 1999 subsequent to being determined to have bosom disease at 42 years of age. The moderator uncovered that she would pass on the show to get ready for significant medical procedure to defeat her bosom disease.

Subsequent to being determined to have bosom disease toward the beginning of March, the writer chose to have a twofold mastectomy to manage her condition.

Sally had past a medical procedure to get a knot taken out on her right bosom quite recently. In any case, her PCP encouraged her to have her right bosom eliminated since they discovered a few harmful cells on the bump, despite the fact that it was not threatening.

With a background marked by bosom disease killing her mom in her thirties, the 42-year-old chose not to take any risks and have both her bosoms eliminated.

In this way, the South Today co-moderator quit the show to plan for her medical procedure in the last part of the 90s.

Taylor returned for a couple of seconds on BBC South Today, such as filling in for Dorcas Henry when he fell in real time in 2003. She likewise facilitated the South Today Debate on BBC One with Naga Munchetty, called the Spending Review in 2010 and was seen in BBC South News in 2020.

Is it safe to say that she is Retired or Sick? Sickness and Health Update In spite of the fact that there has been no authority declaration of her retirement, Sally Taylor is still on her recuperating venture and has not yet gotten back to Television yet.

Be that as it may, she was as of late seen honoring the telecom legend Harry Gration on his unexpected passing on her Twitter saying, “Anything that awesome recollections you have of the warm, mindful, much adored, and gifted #HarryGration, treasure them! I realize I will, and there has been so many #WhenHarryMetSally goodbye, dear companion. Considering you, Helen x”

The two were truly near one another since they facilitated the show South Today on BBC together from 1995 to 1999. The co-moderator of BBC South Today has not yet completely recuperated from her bosom malignant growth from the 2000s and was allegedly owned up to the medical clinic for additional therapies in April 2021.

Sally tweeted a report on her wellbeing in 2021, saying she is recuperating after her visit in the medical clinic and has not given a report on her wellbeing a while later. Thus, we trust the columnist is getting along admirably and dealing with herself.