What Happened To Smithfield Death Star Protestor Reddit: Joey Chestnut Wins Nathan’s Contest

A Nathan’s sausage eating challenge was ended by a dissident dressed as Darth Vader and wielding a flag that said “Uncover Smithfield’s Death Star.”

Smithfield is a food organization and an American pork maker and food-handling firm settled in Smithfield, Virginia, and an entirely claimed auxiliary of WH Group.


What has been going on with Smithfield Death Star Protest Reddit? Assuming you ended up watching the Nathan challenge, you might have noticed a protestor hop in front of an audience with a pennant that shouted: “uncover Smithfield Death Star.”

In any case, it appears as though he was stowing away the “S,” leaving just “mithfiled” uncovered. Donning News accepted that the protestor was probably implying Smithfield Foods, a Smithfield, Virginia-based American pig maker and food-handling company.

These organizations were entangled in debate previously.

PETA even distributed a proclamation denouncing the enterprise for its ruthlessness to creatures. As per VOX, whenever it was uncovered that the firm was using development boxes on mother pigs, the organization distributed a proclamation about making its meat more merciful.

In the mean time, the “demise star” referenced in the article is a reference to Star Wars. This association is not really shocking given that the protestor was likewise wearing a Darth Vader veil.

Dissidents wearing Star Wars clothing went after the stage, waving banners. Chestnut wants to be removed his step. Instead of enrolling the help of occasion security, he dealt with the matter himself.

Chestnut expeditiously seized the protestor in a wrestling hold and threw him to the side prior to going on with the frank eating schedule. He closed the day with 63 wieners consumed.

Joey Chestnut Wins Nathan’s Contest Even After Choking A Protestor Joey Chestnut wins Nathan’s challenge in the men’s division, while Miki Sudo came out ahead of the pack in the ladies’ classification. Joey’s fifteenth triumph came after he likewise brought home the championship the earlier year.

Regardless of stopping for when the protestor mounted the stage, Joey figured out how to remain on the ball and bring back home the triumphant award again.

Chestnut, not to be outshone, immediately turned and gagged the fan prior to getting back to his plate. It occurred in a matter of seconds and-you’ll-miss-it sort of way.

Every class’ victor gets a $10,000 grant. In the interim, the runner up finisher gets $5,000, the third-place finisher gets $2,500, the fourth-place finisher gets $1,500, and the fifth-place finisher gets $1,000.

Chestnut has previously won the yearly frank fest for the seventh consecutive season and the fifteenth time in the last 16. Be that as it may, this is whenever he first has needed to adapt to a phase trespasser (and a harmed leg).

Joey Chestnut Was On Crutches At The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Joey Chestnut lurches onto the stage at Coney Island on Monday on supports and a cast on his right leg for the yearly July fourth practice.

He is the best serious sausage eater in mankind’s set of experiences, having prevailed regardless of two significant hindrances: his harmed leg and a nonconformist.

The one who pulled down 76 franks and buns in 2021 to lay out the record once more had a burst ligament, albeit the wellspring of his disease is yet obscure.