What Happened With Sam Shelton And Ashley Reeves Wedding Story? His Status After Murder Attempt


Per the Lifetime genuine story ‘Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story,’ Ashley seemed to have all that she wanted, including an accomplice, a strong family, and a lot of companions.

What’s more, she was a splendid understudy and a champion b-ball player at her school. During this time, things were turning out flawlessly for her until she succumbed to her coach, Sam Shelton, who wound up destroying her life.


Sam used to show her while she was in 7th grade and he was likewise an expert grappler alongside a rec center coach. The two reconnected again in February 2006, two months sooner she vanished, as per sources.

Sam Shelton And Ashley Reeves Wedding Story Samson Shelton and Ashley were going to get hitched and their wedding plans made everybody shocked about the age hole.

In the interim, they never overcame with the function and were all things considered dating for quite a while, making arrangements to make a stride further soon.

Also, upon Ashely’s vanishing, Sam, otherwise known as Samson, expressed in a meeting that her interest with him was developing consistently.

Moreover, Sam and Ashley’s misfortune is portrayed in the Lifetime film ‘Left for Dead,’ in which we could see that the two were sincerely involved.

As it were, Sam likewise guaranteed that he embraced her in the back of his vehicle to concede actual connections. After Ashley’s buddies expressed that they were having a lovely throw at the time, authorities reached him.

Shelton additionally communicated his disappointment with his association with Ashley. In spite of the fact that they were supposedly seeing one another, they never had a spouse wife tie.

Where Could Sam Shelton Now be? Despite the fact that Sam had affirmed about his demonstrations, he was still immediately delivered on bail and requested to home capture.

Shelton was accused of endeavored battery for attacking crisis staff during a likely self destruction endeavor, yet the charges were dropped in February 2010.

Whenever offered the chance, Sam wouldn’t recognize the court or even apologize to his casualty.

The rec center mentor got a 20-year term at Illinois’ Hill Correctional Center, and counting his years, he will be out in parole after 2024.

Sam Shelton Arrested On Murder Attempt Of Ashley Reeves Shelton was blamed for prepping and almost killing Ashley, breaking her neck, and leaving her in the forest.

Alternately, he left Ashley panting for air in the wake of covering her in the forest with junk and leaves.

One can notice Sam endeavoring to haul Ashley out of the vehicle in the narrative ‘Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story’ after it becomes apparent that Ashley acknowledges they committed errors by being physical.

Albeit the police’s doubts were essentially centered around Ashley’s drawn out sweetheart, they immediately discovered that her nonappearance might have been brought about by Sam.

For what reason Did Sam Shelton Try To Kill Ashley Reeves? During a cross examination with police, Sam Shelton asserted he needed to cut off the friendship; be that as it may, Ashley questioned it when he was attempting to get her out of the vehicle.

To get Reeves out of the auto, Shelton utilized a strangle hold to break her neck. Then, at that point, he hauled her into the forest, attacked her with his hands, and choked out her with his belt.

He separated and let it out following a twelve-hour test in which he changed his record various times.

Afterward, he drove specialists to Ashley’s body, which was found scarcely 12 minutes from her home in Citizens Park.

Ashley was found practically following thirty hours following her assault, appallingly harmed however fortunately alive.