What Were Juice Wrld’s Last Words and Did He Fake His Death?

Up to this point, numerous paranoid notions and hypotheses take care of Juice Wrld’s passing and final words. Some case that his final words were in a message he gave his fans nine days before his passing at a show. He had said, “I love you all more than life itself.” Others hypothesized that his final word was his keep going tweet on December 1, 2019, which read “going down.

Born Jarad Anthony Higgins, Juice Wrld was notable for his single Clear Dreams, which came to No. 2 on the Announcement Hot 100.


The rapper was gaining a ton of headway in his vocation, which is the reason his passing was even more surprising to his fans.

Truth About Juice Wrld’s Final Words Juice WRLD’s final words are related with numerous speculations, of which none have been consented to be his careful final words.  The first was his assertion, “I love you’all more than life itself.” He offered this expression during a show on December 1, 2019, a couple of days before his passing. Then again, a connected his final word to the keep going tweet he made on December 1, 2019, which read “going down”. In any case, the reality stays that nobody really realizes Juice Wrld’s final words before his passing on December 8, 2019.


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Did Juice WRLD Counterfeit His Passing? Since the passing of Juice WRLD broke, part of the paranoid idea that circled was that the rapper didn’t die.

A more critical gander at this hypothesis raised a few to some degree admirable sentiments in support of its.

As per Insider, certain individuals accept the rapper and performer faked his demise, as he predicted in a tweet, and is as yet alive. The most significant evidence they have comes from a tweet Juice set up in 2017, which read: “I want to get excessively well known and sparkle for two or three years. Then phony my demise.”

Juice rose to distinction quickly after the arrival of his breakout single Clear Dreams, and going by his tweet, it is accepted that the rapper would have rather not remained renowned for a really long time. Subsequently he probably chose to counterfeit his demise following a time of acquiring distinction, very much like he said he would.

Fans are right now scanning Juice’s verses on TikTok for verification that the entertainer is as yet alive. One of the clients, @seamusgarvin, drew the consideration of his fans to an expression from Juice’s tune Legend, which says, “What’s the 27 club? /We aren’t making it past 21.”

One more case they presented to demonstrate that Juice WRLD faked his demise is the viral TikTok image that showed TikTok clients moving to Clear Dreams. One of the artists halted in the melody and professed to have a seizure by spitting water and professing to have a spasm. This was then reflected similarly Squeeze died, highlighting the way that he could have faked everything.


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One more client additionally thought of the way that Juice had previously anticipated his demise on December 8. The TikTok client highlighted Juice’s verses in All Young ladies Are Something similar, in which he stated, “I’m an envious kid, truly feel like John Lennon.” The fact is that John Lennon died on December 8, so he guaranteed that it could be in every way phony.

Another TikTok client guarantees that a flight tracker shows Juice’s confidential plane showed up in the Bahamas as opposed to Chicago. Similarly, another client expressed that he reached the medical clinic, where the rapper was supposedly conceded before he died. He noticed that the medical clinic record couldn’t recognize anybody with the name Jarad Anthony Higgins.

Is Juice Wrld Alive Today? With the real factors accumulated, nobody can say without a doubt that Juice WRLD is dead, and neither might they at any point genuinely show him to be alive. Going by the authority report, it is accepted that Juice WRLD is dead, as detailed by the Cook Region Clinical Analyst’s Office.

Till areas of strength for an or evidence surfaces to guarantee in any case, Juice WRLD is dead.


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Reason for Juice Wrld’s Demise It was recently detailed that the reason for Juice WRLD’s demise was a seizure and a coronary episode. It was likewise expressed in the report from the Chicago police that the rapper went into spasms while specialists of the Government Department of Examination were looking through his personal luxury plane.

In the report, it was expressed that a specialist of the FBI gave Juice WRLD the narcotic cure Narcan. The regulated medication worked for some time, as the rapper was accounted for to have recovered awareness. Paramedics on the scene went through north of 40 minutes attempting to keep his pulse consistent.

Sadly, on December 8, 2019, at generally 3:15 a.m., the Supporter Christ Clinical Center in Oak Yard, Illinois, declared the passing of Juice WRLD.

In any case, on January 22, over a month after he died, the Cook District Clinical Inspector’s Office reasoned that Juice WRLD died due to an unexpected oxycodone and codeine glut.

This was uncovered after a post-mortem examination was led. It was subsequently uncovered that Juice WRLD took numerous obscure drugs before his health related crisis.

One of the rapper’s companions likewise guaranteed that he fostered a Percocet compulsion.

Concerning his fights with chronic drug use, Juice WRLD has been straightforward and has owned up to his fixation. In July, that’s what he tweeted, for the wellbeing of his accomplice, he would quit consuming codeine. Oxycodone and codeine harming were subsequently uncovered to be the reasons for his passing.


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For what reason Did The FBI Look through Juice WRLD’s Confidential Plane? The FBI looked through Juice WRLD’s confidential plane after they got a clue that the rapper’s plane was conveying unlawful contents. Reports have it that the pilot unveiled this to the FBI when he figured out that Squeeze WRLD’s escort was in control of guns.

On landing in the air terminal, a metal-puncturing projectile, six jugs of opiate codeine hack medicine, two 9-mm guns, a 40-type gun, and in excess of 70 pounds of vacuum-fixed cannabis were likewise found on the airplane. Government specialists at first looked through juice WRLD on November 18 as he left the country from Los Angeles for Australia, as per TMZ.

In spite of the fact that it’s muddled assuming anything was found, Juice WRLD and his gathering were allowed to travel.

At the point when two of his guardians were confined for having firearms, one was delivered without posting bail, and the other did as such subsequent to posting bail.

The Chicago Police Division assumed control over the pot case and have not brought any charges against anybody. It’s dubious that the cocaine bust will bring about any charges, as indicated by TMZ. There are no recognizing attributes, and no one on board the flight asserted responsibility for 70 pounds of cannabis.