Where Are Dr Teresa Sievers Daughters Today? Dateline ‘The Road trip’ Takes A Look At Florida Murder and Its Aftermath

Teresa Sievers’ girls are right now living with their family members. Here is all that you really want to be aware of the entire circumstance.

Dateline The Road Trips investigates a shocking homicide and the results of the episode in 2015.


It was June of 2015 when Dr. Teresa Sievers was found dead at her home, lying on the kitchen floor with a wrecked skull.

The all encompassing clinical doctor with a splendid energy for her work and beguiling person, Teresa was adored by everybody around her.

Thus, the insight about her homicide came as a shock to everybody as they were devasted by the incident to such a brilliant woman.

A couple of series of examinations drove the way to the killers including the brains, all things considered, her significant other Mark.

Where Could Dr Teresa Sievers Daughters Today be? In the present time, Teresa Sievers’ little girls are living with their family members, essentially their auntie and maternal grandparents.

After the awful occurrence, Teresa’s mom, Mary Ann Groves, elected to take impermanent consideration of the kids.

Along these lines, they were sent with the maternal family in spite of the fatherly family likewise requesting dealing with the kids.

From that point forward, the two little girls are believed to be living and developing under the consideration of their grandma.

Mark’s sister by marriage, Teresa’s sister, is likewise basically associated with dealing with the children and has shared a couple of looks at them lately.

The oldest of them is Josephine and is believed to associate with 18 years of age in 2022 though the most youthful, Carmela, is around 15 years of age.

Teresa Sievers Wikipedia: What Happened To Her? Examining her Wikipedia, Teresa Sievers was a splendid doctor who had a characteristic ability for clinical work.

She ran comprehensive clinical practice and was known for her mindful and beguiling person.

The woman resembled a nearby motivation and was likewise highlighted in neighborhood ladies’ magazines.

Teresa was born in Connecticut and finished her scholastics in the clinical from the clinical school in the Caribbean country of Dominica.

Discussing what has been going on with Dr. Teresa Sievers, she was killed by two arranged trespassers with a sledge in her skull, inside her home.

Mark Sievers Today: What Happened To Him? Teresa Sievers was condemned to death for arranging the homicide of his better half, Teresa Sievers.

The examiners figured out that the man behind everything was Mark as he requested that Jimmy Rodgers and Curtis Wright kill Teresa.

After the two of them were gotten, Wright affirmed against Mark. He admitted that the man advised them to kill the lady as she was anticipating removing the children from him.

After a couple of court preliminaries, Wright was sentenced to 25 years in jail though Rodgers was sentenced to life in jail.

Essentially, Mark Sievers was condemned to death and the appointed authority passed that request in 2020.