Where Is Antonella Nester? Daughter’s Cancer Battle, Is QVC Host Sick?

It’s hard to accept how such an extraordinary life and calling might have been destroyed by such countless individual catastrophes in such a brief time frame, as Antonella Nester ticks off the rundown.

Her better half’s occupation was immediately gone. Then, at that point, in a rearranging of its live ability a year prior, she was given up by QVC, the TV shopping channel where she had been a longstanding host.


How about we investigate the host’s very own life in this piece.QVC: Where Is Antonella Nester? Girl’s Cancer BattleAntonella Nester, 57, a darling previous QVC anchor, came to Facebook and YouTube to send an exceptional hello to her admirers. She was determined to have malignant growth in November 2020.

Nester conveyed a sweet message about partaking in the Christmas soul in whichever way is least distressing and generally a good time for you. Her Christmas tree this year is scarcely a foot and a half tall, yet she says it gives her the same amount of pleasure as her two-story-tall trees did previously.

The Christmas season might be hard for malignant growth patients who don’t need their ailment to be the focal point of consideration at family social affairs. An expert clinician, Dr. Marianna Strongin, recommends zeroing in on being your “authentic self” and disclosing to loved ones why you would rather not harp on your illness during this glad time.

She is a bold lady who is presently going through therapy for bosom disease. We wish her wellbeing and a speedy recuperation.

Is Antonella Nester Sick? Wikipedia
Antonella Nester has not yet been added to Wikipedia’s true page. We do, in any case, have some data on the previous QVC have that might hold any importance with our perusers.

Antonella Nester, a TV character, had been a fan top pick throughout the previous 18 years. She was utilized at QVC; in any case, on July 16, 2020, she and three of her colleagues headed out in different directions from the broadcasting company. Tragically, it was not the finish of the horrendous news for Nester in 2020.

She was determined to have a growth in her left arm in November 2020, trailed by leukemia, bosom malignant growth, and Cushing’s illness stresses in the months to come. She used Facebook and YouTube to convey her infection encounters and updates.

Nester posted on Facebook on January 11, 2021, that the biopsy result was negative and that the growth had ended up being threatening. In a YouTube video, she went into additional profundity with respect to lymphoma. Nester communicated her disappointment with the specialists who were treating her. She wasn’t content with how regularly they adjusted their perspectives, so she went to Jefferson Cancer Institute briefly assessment. Her blood and tests were acquired there, and a PET output was set for January 20, 2021.

Antonella Nester Husband: Is She Married?Antonella is hitched to Chris. She is going through four rounds of chemotherapy, trailed by radiation therapies, subsequent to being determined to have bosom disease and having a medical procedure.

The couple needed to sell their home and migrate to their 42-foot yacht to pay the obligations. To exacerbate the situation, he as of late had a respiratory failure.

The previous QVC character posted a one-minute and 53-second YouTube video named ‘Respiratory failures don’t generally appear in the normal style’ on July 23, 2021. She was seen sitting outside of a medical clinic in the recording.

As she kept on talking, she said that her better half Chris had a cardiovascular failure before that day. “I don’t have the foggiest idea how to let you know folks that,” she said. What amount more?” I mean, truly, what amount more?