Where Is Bo Dukes Now 2022? Tara Grinstead Murder – Age Sentence And Wife Brooke Sheridan


Bo Dukes is a previous military veteran who is for the most part known for his association in the homicide of Tara Grinstead.

As a matter of fact, it was his pal Ryan Alexander Duke who killed Tara Faya Grinstead, an American secondary school history educator. Bo Dukes was likewise accused of endeavoring to conceal the demise, blocking a capture, and altering proof.


Also, following the captures of Ryan Duke and Bo Dukes, Irwin County Judge Melanie Cross forced a gag request banning anyone engaged with the case from talking about it to protect Duke’s on the whole correct to a fair preliminary.

Where Is Bo Dukes Now 2022? Age And Wiki Details Bo Dukes is carrying out his 25 years punishment starting around 2022.

He is presently assessed to be around the age of 30 to 40 years of age. In any case, his genuine age isn’t known. Additionally, dissimilar to the person in question, Tara, Bo Dukes’ biography has not been included on the authority site of Wikipedia yet.

Likewise, Bo Dukes, a brightened military veteran, was condemned to a limit of 25 years in prison for aiding the consuming of Grinstead’s stripped body in a walnut woods after she was killed by his companion Ryan Duke in 2005. Ryan has been blamed for the homicide of Grinstead in a messed up burglary.

Tara Grinstead Murderer: Bo Dukes Sentence And Charges Dukes got a 25-year sentence for four offenses he was viewed as at fault for in the Tara Grinstead case.

Moreover, Bo Dukes was condemned in Wilcox County for accuses along of Ben Hill County, where he is additionally confronting allegations.

Dukes was accused of offering misleading expressions, deterring the capture or discipline of a lawbreaker, and hiding a passing on two counts.

Bo Dukes was wearing orange jail garments as he entered the town hall. Tara Grinstead’s stepmother, Connie Grinstead, talked in the interest of the Grinstead family and mentioned the most extreme discipline of 25 years.

Bo Dukes Wife: Is He Married To Brooke Sheridan? Bo Dukes has not been hitched to Brooke Sheridan, accordingly, he doesn’t have a spouse yet.

In any case, according to the reports, we can affirm that Bo Dukes and Brooke Sheridan were seeing someone. Sheridan was the sweetheart of Bo Dukes, truth be told.

Brooke Sheridan moved toward the police and educated them regarding all Bo Dukes had revealed. She likewise asked Bo Dukes to come out and admit his wrongdoing. She went out subsequent to giving her declaration to the investigators, and her most recent location is in Bonaire, Georgia.