Where is Chalino Sanchez Wife Marisela Vallejos Felix and Kids?

Chalino Sanchez is quite possibly of the most infamous artist and lyricists of corrido music. His music has been attached to the Mexican medication culture. The sort of music he made was frequently called narcocorridos. There was never any notice of medications or packs in his music, however the medication and group culture reverberated in his tunes. Have some familiarity with Chalino Sanchez and his significant other in this article.

Early Life Rosalino Sanchez Felix is the original name of Chalino, who was born on August 30, 1960. His origin is Sinaloa, Mexico, which is a poor and detached local area. The youthful Chalino experienced childhood in a devastated family. Their area was likewise a harsh one, and his sister was assaulted as a youngster. Chalino was 15 years of age around then. Chapo Perez, a rich and horrendous man, assaulted his sister. After two years, Chalino shot and killed his sister’s attacker at a party the two of them joined in. After the wrongdoing, Chalino escaped to Tijuana, where he filled in as a bootlegger of migrants to the US.


In 1977, Chalino unlawfully moved to the US, where he dwelled in Oregon and later in Los Angeles. He resided briefly in the home of his auntie in Inglewood, California. The youthful foreigner maintained various sources of income to make money. One of those positions was selling unlawful medications. He additionally helped in the foreigner pirating business of his brother Armando.

Union with Marisela Vallejos The cousin of Chalino acquainted him with Marisela Sanchez, who later turned into his better half. The couple wedded in 1984 in a little wedding saw by their loved ones. Marisela was at that point pregnant with their most memorable child Adan Sanchez at the hour of their marriage. Later on, they had another kid named Cynthia Sanchez.

Music Profession The music profession of Chalino began when he was in jail. He was condemned to 8 months of prison time in the mid 80s. While carrying out his punishment, he started to rehearse music and traded stories with different prisoners from Sinoloa, Mexico. Their accounts enlivened them to make a passage which is a kind of melody that started in Sinaloa. A corrido tells about the experiences of progressive legends and, surprisingly, infamous criminals.

The demise of his brother Armando, who was shot in Tijuana, Mexico, roused his first corrido. At the point when he escaped prison, his corridos became famous. Bunches of people moved toward him to have their accounts transformed into corridos. Afterward, he recorded his melodies at San Holy messenger Records. His most memorable tape was delivered in 1989, and it contained 15 tracks. The growing craftsman sold his tapes from the storage compartment of his vehicle.

At last, he connected with Pedro Rivera, who possesses a recording studio situated in Lengthy Ocean side, California. They were viewed as the trailblazers in the passageway prohibido or restricted corridos which were basically about killers and medication dealers. Chalino became famous at the clubs where he sang his melodies in the Sinaloan shoptalk.

The Passing Of Chalino Chalino was performing at Salon Bugambilias in Culiacan on May 15, 1992, when someone passed a note to him. The message expressed that he planned to die after his exhibition in front of an audience. He was in his exhibition, however he happened with his show very much like any expert entertainer. The show finished at 12 PM, and Chalino left the club with his two brothers, cousin, and a few ladies. Furnished hired fighters on board a few Chevrolet SUVs obstructed them along their course. The hired fighters professed to be police officers, and they took Chalino with them.

The assortment of Chalino was tracked down dormant in the early long periods of May 16, 1992, in a water system trench close to Los Laureles, Culiacan. He had a blindfold on, and there were rope marks on his wrists. A solitary gunfire twisted on the rear of his head caused his quick passing.

The Passing of Adan Sanchez Adan Sanchez is the first-born child of Chalino and Marisela. He was just four years of age at the passing of his dad. It left a gigantic injury in their child, yet it made still up in the air to follow his dad’s music vocation. The small kid began singing at nine years old. When he arrived at his high school years, he previously had an extensive fan base predominantly made out of youthful juvenile young ladies. Not at all like his dad, Adan would have rather not sung tunes about medications and bootleggers. The capable child of Chalino picked one more way in music. He liked to sing heartfelt ditties, which made him exceptionally well known.

Unfortunately, his life was stopped while he was on a show visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, his dad’s old neighborhood. The vehicle flew into a trench subsequent to busting a tire. Adan died on the spot because of extreme head wounds. More than 10,000 fans offered their appreciation at his memorial service mass in Los Angeles.

Where could Marisela Vallejos Felix Presently be? Marisela Vallejos Felix has carried on with a peaceful life after the passing of her better half. As the years progressed, she has allowed a few meetings on TV to discuss her significant other’s inheritance. She is as of now living in the US and has been allowed American citizenship. The widow of Chalino is as yet profiting from the eminences procured from the music of her departed spouse and child.