Where Is Joan Brockenshire Now? Tommy Dysart Wife Age And Net Worth

Tommy Dysart and entertainer Joan Brockenshire were marry from the 1920s until his passing in 2022. Her better half was an Australian theater and TV entertainer of Scottish plummet who died at 86 years old.

Tragically, Dysart died on June 15 just a brief time in the wake of experiencing a stroke on February 18 of this current year.


The entertainer is notable for his lovable and unbelievable 1992 Yellow Pages TV Goggomobil business, in which he depicted a noteworthy vehicle fan with serious areas of strength for a for the unprecedented German-fabricated microcar.

Moreover, Dysart has been in various noticeable Australian TV projects and films from the 1960s through the 1990s, including Skippy, Homicide, Division 4, and Neighbors. Aficionados of the departed star have previously communicated their distress via virtual entertainment and they are worried about his loved ones.

Tommy Dysart Wife: Where Is Joan Brockenshire Now? Considering that Tommy Dysart, Joan Brockenshire’s cherished spouse, died, she should grieve.

The deficiency of Tommy crushed the entire family. A recognition for the entertainer has been composed via web-based entertainment by his admirers. The entertainer was 86 when he passed on June 15, 2022. After a concise battle, Dysart is said to have died from disease.

Clinical trials will be done to distinguish the particular disease that killed him to recognize the disorder, which has not yet been distinguished.

Notwithstanding a couple of minor wellbeing challenges that accompany maturing, the entertainer has been healthy for most of the year.

Joan Brockenshire Age: How Old Is She? Joan Brockenshire’s age may be between 70-80 according to our presumption, while her significant other Tommy was 86 when he died.

As, Tommy was born on 24 December, 19835 in Glasgow, Scotland. His better half’s further subtleties are not referenced anyplace.Besides, when Joan was seven years of age, she began acting and showed up on “Youthful Seven” and “Flight of stairs to the Stars.” Tina Britten was Joan’s part in the film Prisoner. She is perhaps of Australia’s most notable artist.

Joan’s extraordinary gifts have prompted parts in melodic theater creations as well as TV series like The Sullivans, Bell Bird, Cop Shop, and Prisoner.

She is basically characterized for playing Tommy’s significant other in the persevering through Yellow Pages TV plug in which he calls various mechanics to gripe about his wrecked Goggomobil.

Understanding On Joan Brockenshire Children And Family Joan Brockenshire and her better half Tommy Dysart have only one kid named Kole Dysart.

Kole is an entertainer who has showed up in Come Rain or Shine (1992), My Forgotten Man (1993), and Remembering Nigel(2009), very much like his dad and mom. The skilled entertainer’s child was born on April 10, 1991, making him 31 years in 2022.

Similarly, many individuals have communicated their earnest sympathies to Tommy’s better half of over 50 years, entertainer Joan Brockenshire, as well with respect to his family, companions, and various fans via virtual entertainment.