Where is Joseph Wayne Burnette today? Whereabouts explored ahead of Dateline: Secrets Uncovered


Dana Dodd was singed to the point of being unrecognizable when her body was tracked down by two men on October 26, 2006, in Longview, Texas. Joseph Wayne Burnette was subsequently distinguished as the man behind the homicide. Dodd was choked to death.

Joseph remained without any consequence for almost twelve years as the police couldn’t recognize the body. In spite of the fact that he arose as a suspect from the get-go for the situation, he had the option to deny any contribution in the homicide. At the point when agents addressed him why his s*men was seen as inside her, he conceded to having s*xual intercourse with the lady yet uncovered no additional data.


Be that as it may, Burnett carried out one more homicide in 2018 and this time he was unable to pull off it. During the examination concerning the subsequent homicide, he admitted to killing Dana Dodd.

Joseph was viewed as at real fault for killing the two ladies and condemned to 50 years detainment. He is at present carrying out his punishment at the George Beto Unit in Tennessee Settlement, Texas. The wrongdoer will be qualified for parole following 25 years in 2043.

The case will be investigated in Oxygen’s Dateline on January 25. The episode, named The Lady With No Name, will be a piece of their actual wrongdoing series Privileged insights Uncovered.

“Police are baffled when they track down the body of a young lady however can’t recognize her; with the assistance of beginner examiners and new DNA innovation, a hounded specialist tracks down her executioner and her personality.”
Trigger admonition: This article contains notices of homicide. Watchfulness is encouraged.

Peruse on to know the whereabouts of Joseph Wayne Burnette, where is he now, and moreWhat happened to Dana Dodd?

Dana Dodd was selling magazines in the parking area of a Walmart in Texas when she met Joseph and inquired as to whether he needed to get them. He would not get them yet rather requested s*x from her. She concurred, and the two had s*x inside his vehicle.

As per Joseph, she attempted to take cash from him, so he choked and killed her. He consumed her face to where no one would have the option to perceive her.

As the case was researched, there were no strong leads that would assist the agents with reducing the culprit. Be that as it may, the homicide of Felisha Pearson in 2018 made things more clear.

Pearson was Burnette’s better half. While examining her homicide, the police captured Burnette for neglecting to enlist as a s*x wrongdoer in association with a past case. While making a full admission about Pearson’s homicide, he likewise admitted to killing Dodd, who by then was known as Lavender Doe.

Joseph was viewed as at real fault for the two killings and was condemned to 50 years in jail. He will be qualified for parole in 25 years. Today, he is carrying out his punishment at the George Beto Unit in Tennessee Province, Texas.

Joseph Wayne Burnette, 43, conceded to the killings of Dana Lynn Dodd and Felisha Pearson in Gregg Region Tuesday.

Dodd was referred to for a really long time as “Lavender Doe” as she was unidentified for quite a long time after her demise. @DNADoeProject distinguished Dodd.

Dana’s mom left her when she was as yet a child, and her dad was destitute. She was raised by her stepmother and would jump from one town to another as a kid.

It was as of now in her life that she found a new line of work in deals with a magazine and arrived in Texas. She was 21 at the hour of her demise.

Tune in on Oxygen’s Dateline: Mysteries Uncovered on January 25, 8 pm ET to figure out more about this chilling homicide case.