Where Is Joy Pierce Today? Bruce Beresford Redman Mistress – Was She A Suspect In Monica Burgos Murder?


Joylynn Pierce AKA Joy Pierce is a projecting chief who dealt with the USA Network’s Crash Course in 2009 and The Contender in 2005 close by maker Burce Beresford Redman.

Moreover, she is notable as the previous paramour of TV unscripted TV drama maker Bruce Beresford-Redman, who was sentenced in Mexico for killing his better half in Cancun in 2010. In spite of the fact that she deactivated her Twitter and MySpace accounts, Field’s latest acknowledge is as projecting chief for The Lazy Environmentalist.


She is projecting for an impending system on The CW called Shed to Wed, which has all the earmarks of being a parody about overweight drew in couples who wish to diminish weight.

Bruce Beresford Redman Mistress: Where Is Joy Pierce Today? Bruce Beresford Redman’s escort, Joy Pierce’s whereabouts starting today stays obscure. Regardless of the way that Bruce has been captured for the homicide of his significant other Monica, Joy Pierce’s association in the homicide has not been demonstrated at this point.

Hence, Joy Pierce has not been captured starting today. We expect that Joy may be living some place in California, The United States at this point. Be that as it may, we don’t have the foggiest idea about her real whereabouts.

Puncture was the proprietor of JoyJoy Casting, yet since her name was connected to the Beresford-Redman case, she has eliminated the organization’s Twitter and MySpace pages, as well as her own Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, making it challenging for us to chase her down.

Was Joy Pierce Involved In Monica Burgos’ Murder? Euphoria Pierce’s immediate association in Monica Burgos’ homicide has not been found at this point. In any case, according to the reports, Monica and Bruce’s “conjugal difficulties” emerged from his undertaking with a formerly anonymous woman who ended up being his darling Joy Pierce.

Messages between Beresford-Redman and his escort Joy Pierce were found soon after Monica Burgo’s body was found, uncovering the mystery of their undertaking. As a matter of fact, as indicated by recently got messages and messages, Joy Pierce mentioned to be eliminated from the issue following emotional conversations with both Bruce and Monica.

Investigate Joy Pierce’s Age: Is She Still With Bruce? Euphoria Pierce is as of now assessed to be around the age of 45 to 50 years of age. Notwithstanding, her definite date of birth and age is yet to be found. Then again, Bruce Beresford-Redman is right now at 51 years old years old.

According to Bruce’s IMDB profile, he was born on the twentieth of April, 1971. Unfortunately it isn’t realized regardless of whether Joy Pierce and Bruce are still attached. Penetrate had recently filled in as projecting chief on one of Beresford-series, Redman’s Crash Course, as recently detailed. Starting around 2010, when her status as his special lady became public, Pierce has had no work credits in the business starting around 2019.