Where is Lisa Kelly today? What is she doing after Ice Road Truckers?

What Is Lisa Kelly Doing Now? The achievement of “Ice Road Truckers” is simple. Throughout the eleven seasons it changed into on air, it became watched for million humans inside the US and was broadcast in numerous international locations and translated into many languages.

While that’s pretty astounding, the series’ truckers have usually lived everyday, commonplace lives without the privileges of fellow fact stars from different shows. Lisa Kelly is no exception to this rule.


Nowadays, Lisa Kelly’s life-style hasn’t changed loads as compared to the times she turned into within the show. She nevertheless drives vehicles all through the year, although her paintings load relies upon mostly on the season and if there’s a truck to be had for her.

As Lisa said in 2019 to the internet site Trucker News, the principal part of the yr she enables out a pal with his trucking employer at the same time as additionally filling in other drivers when they’re now not to be had. However, ice trucking isn’t an pastime she has entirely left in the back of. In fact it’s nonetheless the fave a part of her activity, even supposing she handiest does it in the course of wintry weather.

Some of the maximum exciting aspects of Lisa’s existence publish-show cancellation is the fact she is normally invited to several trucking exhibitions inside the US and Canada. This has allowed her to now not most effective join higher with longtime enthusiasts of “Ice Road Truckers” but also together with her social media followers, who’re usually up to interacting with her now not-that constantly up to date Facebook and Instagram money owed.

Besides her regular job time table, Lisa spends her time in her cherished Alaska looking after her horses, using motorbikes or maybe practicing mounted archery, which isn’t sudden thinking about how vulnerable to risky interests she reputedly is.

It’s for this reason that she has been showcased on an expansion of ads for Chevron’s Delo, which has additionally given her the opportunity to excursion North America while doing fansigns in activities together with Diesel Fest and the Great American Truck Show.

On her Facebook web page she also promotes web sites devoted to truckers and has even set up her very own Ebay store to promote merch with her call on it, together with shirts and caps which her enthusiasts appear to realize plenty thinking about it sells out pretty fast, proving that no matter the fact “Ice Road Truckers” hasn’t been on air for awhile, its truckers are still well remembered or even cherished with the aid of many.

Death Rumors Celebrities’ death rumors are extra normal than is predicted and considering how risky is Lisa Kelly’s process, it’s no longer unexpected that a big quantity of net searches of her call encompass variations of the word “useless”.

However, the rumors of her demise are really the end result of a confusion, as humans mistook the former fact TV megastar with a British lady of the same name whose mysterious death became suggested by an expansion of papers in her united states of america.

Considering both women are from one of a kind nations, it’s tough to understand why people confounded them. Regardless of that, it’s really worth noting that the previous “Ice Road Truckers” famous person Lisa Kelly is luckily alive and nevertheless actively operating.

Why Was “Ice Road Truckers” Cancelled? It’s nevertheless unclear why History Channel determined to place an cease to “Ice Road Truckers” in 2017.

Throughout the last decade it became on air, the show’s rating was quite strong, beginning with eight.3 audience points in its first season and ending with 8.6 by using the last one. As it’s apparent that the series didn’t have low-rating problems, it’s suspected that putting an cease to the display turned into an executive choice.

This fan idea took force whilst the veteran trucker Alex Deborgoski posted on his Facebook fanpage about his unconformity with the production of “Ice Road Truckers”. In his phrases, the production crew allegedly hadn’t contacted him or any of his fellow truckers for several months at that point, leading him to finish that the display became ‘within the dirt bin of history’.

Later in August 2019 during an interview on the Great American Trucking Show, Lisa Kelly confirmed herself very open to seem in some other season for the show. However, she additionally admitted that regardless of being in contact with History channel, an agreement hadn’t been made with the community simply but.

While a brand new season of “Ice Road Truckers” is an not going opportunity, it’s well worth noting that the show absolutely had a very good effect on the belief most people had of truckers and brought a few mild into what this type of risky however precious job entails.

Who Is Lisa Kelly? Lisa Kelly was born in Michigan, but her home for the longest time has been Alaska, wherein her family moved to whilst she changed into simplest six years old.

Regardless of the reality her own family had to buy groceries in some other metropolis, Lisa’s formative years growing up in a farm of Sterling become easy and tranquil. It’s also thrilling to realize how Lisa turned into in no way interested by following her dad and mom’ profession paths inside the health subject.

Instead, she was looking to discover what she clearly wanted, which is the primary motive she took a small, temporary task at a local fuel station. As Lisa described it herself on her now disappeared website, she ‘did everything from cashier and making espressos to pumping propane’ till it was her time to go to university in her natal Michigan.

She handiest attended Cornerstone University for a semester till she determined it wasn’t working for her there. It’s recognised she went again to Alaska and became planning on becoming a member of an specialised college in another town, but she hasn’t simply disclosed what she desired to study lower back then except for the truth she changed her plans in favour of retaining a romantic relationship.

Although falling in love changed into sudden, it was the component that made her live in Alaska and look for a variety of jobs to sustain herself. That’s how she ended up operating as a pizza deliverer and from then on she just knew that being a driver became the element she loved to do the most.

Later she commenced working as a van driving force for a bakery, a task which she quickly left to grow to be a faculty bus driving force. Thinking the delivered experience and her newly acquired Class B license turned into sufficient to take the next step in her career, Lisa started making use of for jobs as a truck motive force without tons luck for several months.

Luckily, Lisa’s insistence in the end led her to advantage a spot in the nearby agency Carlile Transportation. Lisa Kelly Once again, she didn’t have sufficient enjoy to drive a truck for them proper away and become stuck riding a van for a long term, but luckily the corporation eventually allowed her to practice with their vans.

That turned into the best form of training she had on the sphere, however it seemingly served her right as no longer long after she could achieve a industrial driver license and changed into legally equipped to take a truck on the road.

Her Appearances In “Ice Road Truckers” As it’s well known, in 2009 Lisa Kelly became the first girl to join the forged of “Ice Road Truckers” throughout its third season. She stayed in the collection till the give up of the fourth season, when she took a year-lengthy smash and back for the seven season till the display’s result in 2017.

Looking back to while she become first offered to seem within the show, it turned into an admittedly sudden and unexpected inspiration made by way of her then boss at Carline Transportation, who simplest asked if she desired to be on TV. Not even understanding what it even turned into about, Lisa general and soon enough she signed a settlement with History.

However, the matters about herself that she had to exchange so one can in shape the collection’ structure better aren’t well known through many. As Lisa told the internet site Trucknews in 2020, she become selected to appear in “Ice Road Truckers” for ‘eye sweet’, something she wasn’t too excited about but in place of following along or leaving, she took it as a challenge: ‘I changed into like, ‘I’m going to show that I’m greater than that”.

While she indeed proved herself worth of being enough of a truck driving force to appear inside the display, Lisa clearly feels that what human beings were given to peer about her doesn’t represent her absolutely.

It wasn’t most effective the truth that she had to surrender a huge part of the freedom that ice trucking usually entails by having to be located in each step of her work, she also feels there was a sure undertone inside the way she changed into portrayed, as she said so herself: ’reason I had blonde hair, they were kind of, ‘Let’s play the dumb blonde character.’’.

Although her emotions concerning the show is probably blended, it turned into her activity that led her to come to be one of the few truck drivers that seemed in the two seasons of the spin-off “Deadliest Roads”, additionally becoming one of the most well-known ones out of them all.

Personal Life While Lisa Kelly isn’t too eager about revealing personal matters to the general public, she has genuinely allow her fans understand some exciting statistics about her love existence and normal pursuits.

Back in 2014 Lisa discovered she had been married to Travis Kelly in view that 2008. The love among them apparently blossomed via motocross, a interest both of them shared and the motive they met in 2004 while Lisa become shopping for a Kawasaki motorbike.

Although at the time they didn’t trade numbers, by using a few sort of future trick they met once more with the aid of casualty throughout a race occasion and it wasn’t lengthy till they started officially relationship, ultimately marrying 4 years later.

Lisa Kelly You is probably thinking if Travis is the same man Lisa wanted to stay in Alaska for while she left university. Though that facts is unfortunately unknown, judging by the point those occasions came about and how lengthy the couple changed into courting, there’s a opportunity Travis is certainly that guy.

One of the numerous questions Lisa commonly receives whilst requested approximately her relationship is: how does she deal with maintaining her marriage afloat despite her busy task time table? The answer she commonly offers is that Travis is a ‘very understanding’ husband, even regardless of the fact he stays in Alaska to paintings as a plumber whilst she’s on the street for numerous months a year.

Net Worth Reality stars’ salaries are every now and then astounding and different instances disappointing.

In Lisa Kelly’s case, she has admitted that she wasn’t paid by History channel for the duration of the primary two seasons she seemed in “Ice Road Truckers”, handiest revealing she obtained an incentive from her trucking organization to hold performing in it. However, her income from the display hasn’t been disclosed, even though it supposedly wasn’t an excessive amount of in keeping with season.