Where Is Rosemarie Sonora Now? What Is 90’s Famed Actress Doing Now

Rosemarie Sonora is a previous Filipina entertainer. All through her presentation film, “Ulilang Anghel,” in 1958, and, surprisingly, all through her top as a juvenile entertainer in the mid-to-late 1960s, she was charged as Rosemarie.

Most of her movies, as “Juanita Banana” (1968) and “Rikkitik Loves Rositik” (1969), were dream satire melodic hits. In the mid 1970s, she had a week by week dramatization show called “Rosemarie” on ABS-CBN. Wowie Cruz needed to leave Broadway when she was born. Where Is Rosemarie Sonora Now – What Is She Doing?


The entertainer Rosemarie Sonora is as yet alive and was living in California till her profession. As per her child, Wowie Cruz, she is presently having malignant growth treatment for her significant other and will not be able to go to the entombment of her more established sister, Susan Roces, in the Philippines.

Susan Roces, a Filipina entertainer and maker prestigious as the “Sovereign of Philippine Movies,” died on May 20, 2022, Rosemarie’s senior sister.

She died when she was 80 years of age. A large portion of her movies in those days were dream satire melodic blockbusters, for example, Juanita Banana in 1968 and Rikkitik loves Rositik in 1969, among some more.

Rosemarie Sonora Age: How Old Is She? Rosemarie Sonora was born on April 14, 1948, in Bacolod, Philippines, and will be 74 years of age in 2022.

She was born in the Philippines to a Filipino dad of Spanish and Chinese Filipino plummet and an American mother of overwhelmingly French and Jewish foundation.

Susan, her late sister, was additionally born on July 28, 1941, in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Sonora wedded entertainer Ricky Belmonte in 1970, yet the pair separated in 1986. She thusly wedded an American and moved to California, where she enjoyed some time off from performing.

Additionally, the entertainer has three youngsters: Sheryl Cruz, Renzo Cruz, and Wowie Cruz. Wowie, Rosemarie’s oldest kid, addressed that his mom would not be able to get back to the Philippines.

More To Know On Rosemarie Sonora’s Whereabouts Rosemarie Sonora lived in California for a period prior to getting back to the Philippines to spend her retirement. She was previously hitched to entertainer Ricky Belmonte, yet the couple separated.

She then wedded an American and invested some energy in California. Her famous sister, Susan Roces, and her little girl, Sheryl Cruz, are likewise entertainers.

During her presentation film, Ulilang Anghel, in 1958, and in any event, during her prime as a young adult entertainer in the mid to late 1960s, she was called Rosemarie.

Since her better half, David (Loomis), is going through disease treatment, she couldn’t get back home. Wowie is crushed by Susan’s passing, and he will always remember their blissful times together, sharing his perspectives.