Where Is Wanetta Gibson Now? Brian Banks Accuser Remembered In The Wake Of Roe V Wade Debate


Wanetta Gibson, the one who dishonestly blamed Brian Banks for rape, stays at large and presently can’t seem to be secured.

Wanetta Gibson was the one who improperly sentenced Brian Banks for assault while they were both in secondary school. Many individuals are offended by her since she causes problems for genuine assault casualties.


Brian’s life was always different because of the occurrence, as his NFL dreams were run, and he figured out how to burn through 11 years under the perceptive eye of the law.

His reputation as a sexual stalker and his crook record set his life ablaze. Wanetta a short time later became one of America’s most detested ladies because of her terrible work.

Where Could Wanetta Gibson Now be? Is Brian Banks Accuser In Jail? Many individuals are interested about Wanetta’s whereabouts and whether she was detained after her charge refuted. They will be shocked to discover that she is free as though she did nothing out of sorts.

She destroyed the existence of a young lady who had big dreams and was anticipating a brilliant future in football. Despite the fact that Brian in the end made progress, Wanetta’s activities were coldhearted.

Be that as it may, since individuals struggle with trusting what valid and deceitful cases are, events and cases like this make it challenging for some genuine casualties of assault to get fairness.

Wanetta Gibson Age Details Wanetta Gibson’s age starting today is 35 years of age.

She had claimed Brian of assault inside the school grounds when she was 15 years of age in 2002. Her introduction to the world date will be uncovered to the public right away.

Brian was a 16-year-old hopeful secondary school football player at the hour of the unfair conviction. He is a resigned football player who is 36 years of age.

More on Wanetta Gibson Biography Since there are not many insights regarding Wanetta accessible to general society, it is hazy whether she is hitched or in a relationship. Conceivable she’s endeavoring to stow away from plain sight to try not to be detested.

She figured out how to meet with Brian subsequent to reaching him on Facebook in March 2011. Moreover, she had yielded to creating the assault story within the sight of a private examiner recruited by Brian.

Brian subtly taped her sworn explanation, however she later failed to advise agents that she had offered misleading expressions to try not to need to reimburse the cash.

The Long Beach Unified School District won a $2.6 million judgment against her after Brian delivered his blamelessness in 2012.