Who are Chantal Videla Parents? Where is Chantal Videla Parents From? What is Chantal Videla Parents Nationality?

Who are Chantal Videla Guardians? Chantal Videla, a Filipino Entertainer and Model was born on December 12, 2002.

Many individuals are a lot of anxious to know their number one character individual life, in such a way Chantal Videla Guardians are the most looked through point on the web. Here in this article we should look at Who are Chantal Videla Guardians and significantly more. Coming to Chantal Videla Guardians, there is no data about her folks.


Where could Chantal Videla Guardians From be? At this point, there is no data in regards to Where is Chantal Videla Guardians From.What is Chantal Videla Parent’s Identity? Filipino Entertainer and Model Chantal Videla parent’s data isn’t accessible. Chantal Videla was born on December 12, 2002. Chantal Videla Parent’s Identity is indistinct.

Name Chantal Videla
Profession Filipino Actress and Model
Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Chantal Videla Nationality Philippine

Chantal Videla Father Chantal Videla Father’s name is hazy. There is no data about his loved ones.

Chantal Videla Mother There isn’t a lot of data about his mom. Remain associated on our page for the most recent updates.

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Who are Chantal Videla Guardians – FAQ 1. Who are Chantal Videla Guardians? Chantal Videla Guardians are not known.

2. Who is Chantal Videla? Chantal Videla is a Filipino Entertainer and Model.