Who Are Dexter and Yolanda From Prisoner Of Love? Age Job Net Worth & Instagram


Dexter and Yolanda, moderately aged, are sweethearts battling to find in the unscripted TV drama ‘Detainee of adoration’ under unfavorable conditions.

Detainee of affection is the dating unscripted TV drama facilitated by Chelsea Holmes, who helps other people track down their adoration in the slammer. She is herself a sad heartfelt evaluating her opportunity to track down adoration in a correctional facility.


The unscripted television show, created by The Hive, debuted its first season on August 30, 2021, on the Discovery+ station. Five couples are attempting to track down their affection in the new season.

Have any familiarity with Dexter And Yolanda Age Dexter and Yolanda are moderately aged individuals attempting to offer a home chance on adoration in the wake of being turned down commonly before. Dexter is the dad of youthful Bery, who upholds him in observing his dad’s affection.

The age of the couple is at this point unclear as the show has kept the individual data of its members private. WE may get an opportunity to be familiar with them as the show continues.

Dexter, with the expectation, has moved toward the show to find a perfect partner behind the brace bars. The free-living individuals are captivated by this thought.

Since Yolanda was remaining in a mostly home, there may be a few guidelines she should observe, which made the dating considerably less secure for Dexter.

What Is Dexter And Yolanda Job? Know Their Networth Dexter and Yolanda are unscripted television stars with almost no data about their work. Their total assets may be admirable as the unscripted TV drama members, yet the specific sum is obscure.

Dexter and Yolanda are unscripted television stars who have progressed to the finale in an excursion of observing their adoration against the conditions tossed at them.

Yet again yolanda, the woman in the jail, has almost no expectation of falling head over heels in her day to day existence while Dexter will meet her in the finale.

Numerous spoiler recordings and news propose that the couple is joined on the last episode of the show. The two times separated from father, Dexter, is attempting his hand to track down genuine romance inside the clinker.

Meet Dexter And Yolanda On Instagram Dexter and Yolanda are saved individuals and only here and there found on friendly stages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. The couple appears to carry on with a private life.

A few has not been found on Instagram up to this point, in any case, they may be sharing their stuff secretly on Instagram to keep up with their protection.

We don’t know whether they are cryptic or submit to the show’s strategy, however the couple isn’t referenced on the authority Instagram page of the unscripted TV drama. We will refresh their Instagram handles once they uncover it.