Who Are Paislee Shultis Parents? Meet Her Mother Kimberly Cooper & Father Kirk Shultis Jr


NY Girl was accounted for missing for a very long time since abducting at four years old. The young lady has been tracked down alive and healthy. She disappeared from her Tompkins County home in July 2019.

Cops have worked really hard finding teh young lady free from any danger. Be that as it may, she was maintained ruthlessly in a mystery shoddy room under a shut flight of stairs prompting the storm cellar.


Missing: Who Are Paislee Shultis Parents? Paislee Shultis’ folks are Kimberly Cooper and Kirk Shultis. Be that as it may, she was under the care of a legitimate gatekeeper who isn’t known. No media has shared with regards to them at this point.

Her organic guardians lost her authority and presumably that of her sister also. Losing the care drove them to hijack the youngster and, maintained her in a mystery small spot.

Whenever police got the clue and saved the youngster, her mom was with her in a dull wet room, nonetheless, the clinical report pronounced that she was in a decent wellbeing.

The house is 162 miles from where she was stole in 2019. Her mom is as yet behind the bar in the Ulster County Jail. She is being hung on an extra count from the court at the same time, it isn’t known.

Meet Paislee Shultis Mother Kimberly Cooper and Father Kirk Shultis Jr Paislee Shultis was born to Kimberly Cooper and Kirk Shultis Jr. They lost the authority of the kid then, at that point, took her for quite a long time and maintained her concealed in a mystery place. The mother, father, and granddad were accused of kid risk and guardianship impedance. The dad and granddad were delivered on bond on Tuesday.

It isn’t known the way in which they kept the youngster whether she was dealt with well or maintained in a little mystery place consistently. It is likewise not satisfactory assuming that Paislee was blissful remaining with her organic guardians.

Know Paislee Shultis Age – Where Is She Now? Paislee Shultis disappeared at four years old in 2019, nonetheless, she should be six years of age at this point. She was taken to the emergency clinic and found healthy. She was subsequently delivered and joined with her more established sister.

She was living with a unidentified lawful watchman after the couple lost guardianship. On Monday, Saugerties Police got a tip that Paislee was at her parental granddad’s home with her folks.

Paislee is presently with her lawful gatekeeper and more established sister. She has been taken out from the consideration of her organic parent. It was not satisfactory why they lost her guardianship, notwithstanding, there could be a not kidding explanation for that.