Who are Russell Wilson’s Parents Harrison and Tammy Wilson?

Russell Wilson’s folks are Harrison Wilson III (father) and Tammy Wilson (mother). His dad, until his passing on June 9, 2010, was a legal counselor while his mom is a medical caretaker chief.

Anybody that has followed the quarterback’s profession will realize that his folks are among the main individuals in his day to day existence.


Wilson has never stowed away the effect that his folks made in his life or the qualities that they imparted in him. These qualities have assisted him with ascending to the actual zenith of his picked game and now that he is at the top, he has not failed to remember those individuals who assisted him with arriving.

One person that hugely affects Russell Wilson is his late father, Harrison Wilson III. Harrison was born in the year 1954 and hailed from an amazing group of teachers.

His dad, Harrison B. Wilson Jr., was a teacher and ball mentor who proceeded to act as the leader of Norfolk State College.

His mom was likewise an individual from the workforce at Jackson State College (HBU). Being teachers, both of Harrison’s folks knew the significance of training and sent him off to great schools. He did well in his scholastics. He likewise ended up being a champion double competitor, gaining practical experience in both baseball and football.

Russell Wilson’s Dad Was a Lawyer Who Played College Football

  • Full Name: Harrison B. Wilson III
  • Date of Birth: 1954
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Relationship Status: married
  • Daughter: Anna Wilson
  • Sons: Harrison Wilson IV and Russell Wilson
  • Occupation: Lawyer

Wilson’s Mom, Tammy Wilson, is a Nursing Director Based in Seattle

  • Full Name: Tammy Turner Wilson
  • Date of Birth: 4th of November 1959
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Daughter: Anna Wilson
  • Sons: Harrison Wilson IV and Russell Wilson
  • Occupation: Nurse

Harrison would proceed to go through his higher education at Dartmouth during which he succeeded as a wide recipient for his group.

He, notwithstanding, avoided going for the NFL yet rather decide to go to the College of Virginia for a regulation degree.

Yet again observing the fulfillment of his regulation degree, Harrison chose to check whether he could have a go at his football vocation. He got once more into shape by running on the monster yards at the UV grounds while wearing garbage sacks. He was then ready to score an offseason tryout with the San Diego Chargers in 1980.

He gained great headway during the tryouts yet was at last cut from the chicken. He along these lines never got to play ace football yet his scholastic foundation implied that he was not out of choices. Russell Wilson’s father worked for corporate goliaths like Procter and Bet. He additionally opened up his own regulation practice.

Harrison Wilson III additionally passed down his affection for sports to his youngsters. He rehearsed with them every day as well as instructed a portion of their youth baseball crews.

He additionally showed those values important for progress like viewpoint, vision, and conviction.

These examples will pay off yet unfortunately he passed up a portion of the big minutes as he died in 2010, two years before his child was drafted into the NFL.

Russell Wilson currently makes them endure parent and that is his cherished mother, Tammy T. Wilson (nee Jackson). Tammy is the little girl of a famous American painter-cum-school teacher, A.B. Jackson. Born in 1954, Tammy is knowledgeable and holds an expert’s of training in guiding brain research from Xavier College in 1983.

She later chose to change track to nursing and enlisted at the College of Cincinnati where she got a BSRN. After thirty years, she would select at Ohio College where she finished an expert’s of wellbeing organization. Harking back to the 80s when Tammy originally qualified as a medical caretaker, she was utilized as a RN at the Christ Emergency clinic in Cincinnati.

She burned through two years there prior to moving out to Richmond, Virginia, to take on the place of a partner clinical head of nursing at Henrico Specialists Medical clinic.

Tammy will burn through four years at Henrico prior to joining a health care coverage organization, BCBS, as a consideration chief and usage survey. This was in November 1995 and she enjoyed almost 12 years with the organization prior to being elevated to administrator of care the board. That specific job would save her at BCBS for four additional prior years she at long last left the organization in 2012. After leaving the protection business, Tammy Wilson joined the College of Virginia Clinical Center as their supervisor from September 2012 to September 2015.

After a year, she landed work as head of patient effort and care the board at the College of Washington.

She stays with the establishment to date and has additionally been known to chip in her medical services mastery when required.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, she joined endeavors to set up convenient medical care offices to free the overburdened emergency clinics in the city from Seattle.

Russell Wilson’s Folks Secured The Bunch During The 80s and Stayed Together Until His Dad’s Demise in 2010 There isn’t much of subtleties on the romantic tale between Russell Wilson’s folks yet one thing that is certain is that they were a couple that cherished one another. That adoration empowered them to bring up three children, to be specific Harrison IV, Russell, and Anna.

It additionally implied that they supported their association may them endure until the very end in 2010. Russell’s dad had been determined to have diabetes around a few years before then and he battled fearlessly to conquer his wellbeing challenges. Things, in any case, crumbled as time passes and his leg was removed.

He later experienced a stroke and his discourse turned out to be scarcely indistinct. His sight was additionally impacted and he in the end surrendered the apparition in June 2010.

The demise typically crushed the individuals from his family yet they have attempted to keep the banner flying. Wilson often presents inspiring recognitions on his father.

In one such post in 2016, he said thanks to him for being a genuine father and a genuine man who cherished him and showed him how to take care of business.


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On the tenth commemoration of his passing, the NFL star comparably took to virtual entertainment to consider his dad’s demise. He portrayed his late father as quite possibly of his most prominent motivation and expressed that he misses him. He furthermore added that he will perpetually appreciate their time together.

Tammy Wilson Was Gifted A House By Her Child On Mother’s Day 2019 Russell Wilson is additionally pampering affection on the one parent that he has left.

He regularly presents endearing accolades on his mother on commemorations like mother’s day. For example, during mother’s day 2020, he sent a recognition for the two his mother and spouse, proclaiming that his father had encouraged him to wed a lady like his mother and that he prevailed with regards to doing precisely that.

A year prior to that, Russell shocked his mother by getting her a house. The NFL star had quite recently marked a blockbuster $140 million agreement expansion with the Seahawks and chose to shock his mother with her own home. He expressed that she had never asked them for anything consequently with the exception of affection and said thanks to her for cherishing them the manner in which she did.