Who Are Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer From Louisiana? Dog Abuse Video Leads To Twitter Outrage


A fairly upsetting video is making adjusts on TikTok and other web-based entertainment stages where Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer are seen manhandling a guiltless canine for the sake of preparing him.

As the Internet denounces the demonstration., we present to you the foundation of the occurrence, the people, and the fallout.


Who Are Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer From Louisiana? Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer are a mother-girl pair from Louisiana. From a viral video they are highlighted in, it seems as though they are mentors at a canine preparation foundation. Notwithstanding, it can’t be affirmed just by an irregular video on TikTok.

The more seasoned lady, Tina, searches in her 40s, and her little girl Victoria is by all accounts in her adolescents.

It has been uncovered that the specific episode had occurred in Cypress Arrow Cane Corso. Their site says that they are Louisiana’s Largest Cane Corso reproducer and all-breed canine coach and have converged with K9 Training Academy. Tragically, presently neither their Facebook page nor their site can be gotten to. It is said that the explanation for this is the over the top disdain they have been getting on the web.

Further, neither the two ladies nor the actual organization has made any announcement on the supposed brutality. Twitter, TikTok, and other web-based entertainment stages rage are at present at their pinnacle, and everybody is currently hanging tight for replies, completely censuring the demonstration.

Canine Abuse Video At Cypress Arrow By Tina And Victoria Tina and Victoria should be visible ruthlessly hitting a dark canine in the video. A TikTok client named Asia and Lotus transferred it where we can see a lady who gives a significant trigger admonition for creature misuse. She further says that it was from an organization called Cypress Arrow Cane Corso in Lousiana and requests that the watchers skip it in the event that they can’t watch delicate stuff.

The video starts with a mother-little girl holding a rope from either side that has been utilized to tie a canine. The two of them pull it like they are playing a back-and-forth, and the little creature should be visible in torment. Further, they are beating it severely, which is incredibly challenging to watch.

Tina and Victoria are obviously preparing the canine yet mishandling their power. Towards the end, we can see the mother requesting that the canine plunk down, and it plunks down, complying with the request.

Twitter Reactions On The Dog Abuse At Lousiana Twitter is loaded up with netizens seething over this inadmissible action by Cypress Arrow Cane Corso. Everybody has an alternate assessment however the one thing that is normal is that they believe the mother girl should make up for their missteps.

According to one of them, “Awful name for the variety. The way that they’ve worked with police offices is startling that these apprehension stricken are being utilized in open since we as a whole skill dangerous canines that have been beaten to accommodation can be — and it’s never their shortcoming, however they likewise get the fault”