Who did Lee Ryan play in EastEnders? Character and net worth explored amid aggravated assault scandal

Artist, lyricist, and entertainer Lee Ryan has been affirmed to be liable for racially irritated attack towards dark airline steward Leah Gordon. During the episode, Ryan, who is notable for depicting Harry “Woody” Woordward in EastEnders, told her that he needs her “chocolate kids.”

Trigger Admonition: This article contains notices of racial attack that might set off. Prudence is encouraged.


Different allegations included being inebriated on a flight, gnawing a cop, and being oppressive towards the team. Following the decision, Ryan endeavored to keep away from the photographic artists.

During her appearance at the preliminary, Gordon said that Ryan called her wonderful and immediately put on his shades. Expressing that he was remarking on her composition, Gordon proceeded:

“It seemed like he was saying I was delightful for an individual of color in light of the manner in which he was portraying my variety.”
Ryan then, at that point, went near her and said that he needed a k*ss from her. The travelers promptly surged towards them as Ryan got Gordon’s wrists. Reviewing the occasion, Gordon said:

“I was scared … To get remarks about my variety regardless of whether deliberate, it was simply unsatisfactory thus overly critical. I just felt like it was somewhat ridiculous and I shouldn’t need to tolerate it. I don’t go to attempt to be attacked or badgering.”
Lee Ryan said that the main thing he recalls is getting some information about the book he was perusing. He explained that he isn’t bigoted and that he never expected to hurt anybody.

The 39-year-old apologized for contacting Gordon and was prepared to offer a couple of tickets for his next visit. Film of the capture revealed that he was crying and it was right on the money to guarantee that he.

Ryan was intoxicated when the occurrence occurred on July 31, 2022. He supposedly had a container of port before he took a trip to London. At the point when the team would not offer more liquor, he got tightly to an airline steward’s wrists, later, as indicated by observation film, he was likewise spotted gnawing an official.

Lee Ryan has showed up in a couple of Programs and movies, yet he is for the most part referred to for his appearance as Harry “Woody” Woodward in the famous drama, EastEnders. The person initially showed up on April 18, 2017.

He was highlighted in various storylines all through the show that incorporated the offer of the Vic freehold and Weyland and Co show.

He left the show, and despite the fact that he returned, he left again on November 28, 2017. He returned again the next year and left for all time on June 15, 2018, when he was gotten with the taken cash from E20 and was leaving for Spain.

The person’s dad died when he was a youngster and would let his companions know that his dad went to the US to start a business. At the point when his mom went to pieces, Woody viewed himself as the top of the house and got a paper round where he was paid £6 every week, which he provided for his mom.

Made by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, EastEnders has broadcasted 6,624 episodes since February 19, 1985. Notwithstanding being condemned for a couple of reasons, the show has gotten respectable input from pundits and audiences.

Lee Ryan is notable for his appearances on changed Programs close by his collections and singles. Regardless of having a fruitful vocation, his total assets has been $1,000, and his monetary and lawful issues play had an impact in the decrease of his general profit.

He was driving in his Mercedes at a speed of 70 mph in 2020 and was gotten by the police. The charges were dropped, however he needed to pay $2,000 as expenses and during a trial the next year, he said that he has nothing passed on in his pocket to pay the cash. He said at that point:

“I haven’t got anything. I haven’t got that cash. I simply have no cash. I’m not working. They halted the gigs so I don’t have any. They’ve quit everything due to the pandemic.”

He delivered his self-named collection in August 2005. The surveys were for the most part blended towards the collection and despite the fact that it arrived at the highest point of a couple of outlines, it was not so monetarily effective true to form.

He is famous for his melodies like Multitude of Darlings, Turn Your Vehicle Around, When I Think about You, Genuine Love, and the sky is the limit from there. Lee Ryan has showed up in a couple of Programs like Holby City, Damnation’s Kitchen, Generally Spooky, VIP Big Brother, Rigorously Come Moving, and that’s just the beginning.