Who Does Rosaline End Up With? Hulu Movie Ending Explained

Rosaline winds up wedding Count Paris toward the end in spite of her this way and that with Dario and Romeo. She later meets Dario where the two offer dissatisfaction from their relationships.

‘Rosaline,’ coordinated by Karen Maine, is a comic rendition of Shakespeare’s deep rooted work of art. This 2022 film, which is presently spilling on Hulu, is a rom-com that uses characters from ‘Romeo and Juliet and makes them in an entertaining way.


While the exemplary focused on the chief pair in the play, this new film decides to check out at the story through the eyes of Rosaline, Juliet’s ex-darling in the first piece. It endeavors to make different huge modifications to the screenplay to make a windy new work liberated from the characteristics that pundits track down odd about the heartfelt misfortune.

Who Does Rosaline Wind up With? Rosaline in the long run weds Count Paris. At the point when they are pardoned and return to Verona, they find that Rosaline has hitched Count Paris, and the two of them should go up against their disappointment with their marriage.

Name Rosaline
Created by William Shakespeare
Gedner Female
Family Capulet
Actress Paola Tedesco
Year 1968 film

Rosaline initially meets Romeo as he climbs the whole way to her window for an impression. The sentiment doesn’t keep going long after she chooses to leave him hanging while she searches for other conceivable matches. She then meets Dario. She and Dario have a serious and legitimate talk about what they anticipate from their relationship.

Romeo (Kyle Allen) announces his affection to Rosaline Capulet (Kaitlyn Dever) in a similar obsolete way. She asks him for what valid reason he is talking thusly. The tone of the image is promptly evident, which is unexpected in contrast with the exposition subordinate magnum opuses of the past.

Besides, she answers her dad (Bradley Whitford) and gets back to Romeo. While he accepts their romantic tale will stand out forever, she accepts it will be prohibited since she is a Capulet and he is a Montague, and their families are rivals. Her medical caretaker gets her up promptly the following morning and advises her to prepare for a come person to visit her about marriage.

Rosaline, then again, figures out how to keep away from the old man’s proposition with one of her standard tricks. As of now her dad is very much aware of it.

Her dad reviews Dario (Sean Teale) coming to see her the following day. So Juliet drops her date with Romeo and rides with Dario, advising him of her longing to wed just somebody she genuinely cherishes. In the mean time, Romeo shows up at the ball alone and winds up gathering Juliet (Isabela Merced), whom he quickly becomes hopelessly enamored with.

Juliet, then again, ends up being her little cousin, whom she hasn’t found in quite a while. Rosaline urges her not to get sincerely dedicated to only one man and to play the game till she is youthful, endeavoring to obliterate their association.

Rosaline Hulu Film Finishing Made sense of While Dario and Rosaline resolve to help Juliet in recovering Romeo, the youthful cousin devises an arrangement in which she drinks a creation that makes their families accept she is died regardless of whether she isn’t. Afterward, she would stir from the coffin and escape to a bizarre area with Romeo.

Rosaline sees the blemishes in her story and urges her not to seek after them. Rosaline’s dad at last safeguards her and she surges out to find Juliet. She finds her in a casket, with Romeo on her body and Dario close. She accepts she is died and Romeo is lamenting for a similar explanation.

At the point when the guardians show up, they start faulting each other for their kid’s or alternately child’s circumstance. This aggravates Rosaline, who steps in and shows them how absurd their discussion is. She likewise asserts that their quarrels and wars murdered their kids.

The guardians own their flaws and express their longing to be together in their distress. Juliet stirs from a state of extreme lethargy in this to see this scene. At the point when Romeo and Juliet’s folks leave, they stir from their hoax end.

Afterward, the couple withdraws on a boat, while Dario and Rosaline start their own heartfelt story. She contemplates whether their story will be associated with all time. He sees that he isn’t worried about such little issues and both of the heartfelt stories get another beginning.