Who Is Adam Brown Son Luke? University Lecturer Family Tree


Individuals are interested to realize about Adam Earthy colored child, Luke. Unfortunately, College teacher Adam Brown killed his better half, Chen Cheng, in a ‘rage state.’

A court heard that a previous top college speaker who killed his better half in a “rage state” has fractional amnesia.


Adam Brown showed up in the High Court of Victoria on Friday in the wake of conceding to the April 2022 homicide of Chen Cheng, 35.

Brown, a senior teacher in computerized media at Deakin College, sat in the dock with his head brought down and crying, encompassed by in excess of twelve companions and family members.

The couple wedded in 2017 and had a child, Luke, after three years, as per court reports.

Ms. Chen, a Chinese public who moved to Australia and procured a graduate degree in development the executives, was found in a pool of blood in their Croydon North lawn not long after 10 pm.

Concerned neighbors had gone onto the road roughly 15 minutes sooner in the wake of hearing a female voice yelling, sobbing, and requesting that Earthy colored quit, as per Crown Examiner Nanette Rogers SC.

After this awful occurrence turned into a web sensation via online entertainment, netizens needed nitty gritty data about Adam Earthy colored’s child Luke and his genealogy.

Adam Earthy colored’s child’s name is Luke. As previously mentioned, Adam Brown and Chen Cheng wedded in 2017 and invited a child, Luke, after three years after their marriage.

Following his mom’s awful demise, individuals are searching for Luke’s point by point data, however the youngster’s particulars are hidden because of the case’s awareness.

Very little is had some significant awareness of Adam’s child’s very own life since they carried on one day to the next a like some other standard individual till her passing. It is a critical misfortune for Luke since he lost his mom exceptionally youthful.

As recently said, Chen wedded Adam Brown in 2017, yet their affection started to wind down after different conflicts and clashes. Notwithstanding the debates, Chen stayed unflinching for her family and youngster.

After the passing of Luke’s mom, Ms. Chen, Luke’s maternal grandma, Min Liu, said in a casualty influence explanation read out to the court that she ventured out to Australia in mid 2020 to really focus on her little girl for Luke’s introduction to the world.

She professed to have seen the couple contending, with Earthy colored raising his voice and yelling in a “wild way” while Ms. Chen kept quiet.

Adam Brown was hitched to his better half, Chen Cheng. They had a brilliant life toward the beginning of their marriage, and after three years, they likewise had a child called Luke.

Individuals are intrigued to realize about Adam Earthy colored’s family subtleties after they discover that he killed his better half. In any case, not much has been uncovered

Chen Cheng, Adam Earthy colored’s better half, was portrayed as the “whole more distant family’s biggest pride.”

Following her union with Adam Brown, the couple encountered a few troubles. The couple’s marriage was in risk since they had a poisonous association and battled often.

Ms. Chen additionally had psychological sickness because of her child’s horrendous conveyance and her better half’s problematic work, which consistently prompted clashes between the pair.

Cheng’s mom, Min Liu, expressed that her little girl was in an unsavory and harmful marriage. Therefore, her mom stayed in contact with Chen in Australia consistently.

Ms. Chen “boxed him around the ears and spat right in front of him” after they started yelling higher up over future childcare plans, Ms. Rogers asserted.

Brown furnished himself and went after Ms. Chen in their kitchen while the contention seethed first floor.

Ms. Chen had three cut injuries, including a 9cm profound slice to her neck that cut off the jugular vein, and 11 cut injuries, as per a posthumous assessment.

Brown displayed wounds on his chest and arms and a likely nibble to his lower arm and hand wounds.

A criminological examination uncovered “broad blood stains” all through the kitchen, back deck, and grass.

Chen Cheng’s body was found in a pool of blood in the patio of their Melbourne, Croydon North house on April 30 at around 10 pm.