Who is Cleotha Abston? What Happened To Cleotha Abston?


Who is Cleotha Abston? What wrongdoing did he do? Cleotha Abston: Kidnapper who perpetrated precisely the same wrongdoing 10 years after the fact
Cleotha Abston has been in the news oftentimes in light of the fact that he was secured for perpetrating a similar wrongdoing.

On Friday, he was accused of grabbing Memphis kindergarten educator Eliza Fletcher, 34. She evaporated subsequent to passing on her home to go for a morning run. After Fletcher’s astounding grabbing on Friday, 38-year-old Cleotha Abston was arrested. However, eliza Fletcher hasn’t been found at this point.


The Memphis Police Department has been looking for Fletcher and is giving a prize to data prompting her whereabouts.

What has befallen Cleotha Abston? On September 2, she left her home at around four AM. she was an energetic jogger. She even participated in various long distance races. She allegedly follows her typical course near the University of Memphis, which as indicated by authorities.

She was “stole and drove into a moderate sized, dull hued SUV” at practically in the early hours as she ran down.

Her telephone and a couple of Winner’s slider shoes were found in the road by an observer who was trekking on Central Avenue close to Zach Curlin Street at around 7 pm a.m. the next day.

A direct relation of her accepted her possessions from the individual, who later gave them to examiners, as indicated by a power’s court papers.

After which, controllers found security film that showed a vehicle was hanging tight for her to run.

Reports show that a man escaped the vehicle and hurried Fletcher, and attempted to drive him into the traveler side of the vehicle.

What are the charges against Cleotha Abston? The police have not captured anybody with respect to the wrongdoing. They put out an announcement.

“It is expected and upheld by the facts and physical proof that the casualty experienced serious wounds in light of the fact that the kidnapping was rough, with the suspect hanging tight for, surging towards, and constraining the casualty into the vehicle, where she was controlled and eliminated and is as yet absent. Moreover, it is probable and clear from witness accounts that the respondent cleaned the vehicle after these wounds left blood proof there.”