Who Is Clodagh Phipps? Irish Designer Net Worth and Family Life With 3 Sons

The veteran inside fashioner is the head of The Clodagh Design studio, which takes care of prominent characters all over the planet.

Clodaghoo is from Dublin, yet her work office is situated in Manhattan, while her work has reached all over, up to 24 nations.


Her prosperity and battle story is the focal point of the new RTE narrative on her life and work. A praised creator in the realm of planning, Clodagh has frequently hit the news sometimes.

Clodagh Phipps Wikipedia Biography Clodagh Phipps’ biography is archived in the new RTE narrative. She was named Christened Clodagh Fionnuala Maev De Sillery Phipps by her folks, John and Anna.

The prestigious fashioner grew up as the third offspring of the Phipps family, who regularly changed homes.

As a young person, Christened endure a hazardous tumble from a pony and was resting at home when she understood that her long name would humiliate her during her school accreditation.

In this manner, she has kept her short name Clodagh Phipps from that point forward. Phipps initially began as a style originator and had her most memorable design show in the Hibernian Hotel in 1956.

Clodagh had turned into the most youthful individual from the Irish Haute Couture Group around then.

It was late during the 70s when Clodagh moved to Spain, where she started her vocation as an inside originator.

Following seven years in Spain, she and two associates began The Clodagh Design Studio that the Vogue magazine depicted as the “plan store of the ten years.”

From that point forward, Clodaghoo has overcome much as one of the top inside originators in America.

Clodagh Phipps Was Married To Husband Desmond O’Kennedy Clodagh Phipps was hitched to her previous spouse Desmond O’Kennedy during the 1950s.

Mr. O’Kennedy functioned as a promoting chief, and the two carried on with a cheerful in a blissful marriage until Clodagh was 27.

She at last understood that she was troubled in the marriage, yet separate from wasn’t accessible in Ireland. Subsequently, she needed to live with her better half for the following five years while anticipating a lawful division.

Clodagh met her ongoing accomplice, screenwriter Daniel Aubry in 1971 and has been along with him from that point forward.

The two moved among Spain and New York all through their life when Clodagh tracked down her skill for inside planning.

Clodagh Phipps Family Life With 3 Sons Clodagh Phipps is in cheerful day to day existence with her three children born from her union with Desmond O’Kennedy.

Her oldest child Tim was born in 1960, Stephen in 1963, and the most youthful child, Peter, was in 1964. The three children went to class in Dublin while going out for occasions in New York while they grew up.

Clodagh is a wonderful mother and has a decent connection with her three youngsters and their more distant families. She has additionally planned her children’s homes in the course of her life.

Irish Designer Clodagh Phipps Net Worth Is Interesting The Irish-American originator Clodagh Phipps is one of the first class planners whose total assets is very gigantic however she has kept the world speculating.

Her client list incorporates big names like Robert Redford and Elizabeth Arden.

In the mean time, her eminent activities are the Dupont Circle Hotel in Washington DC, Caledonia townhouses in New York, the Avery working in San Francisco, and the Six Senses Douro Valley spa in Portugal.

With such high-profile names as her clients, Clodagh and her group procure well, much well than one could envision.