Who Is Collin Reeves Wife? Ex Soldier Guilty Of Jennifer and Stephen Chapple’s Murder


Collin Reeves and his better half had a question with their neighbor in regards to the parking spot. Ten days after the battle, he killed his neighbor Stephen Chapple and his better half, Jennifer Chapple.

He was an ex-soldier who served in the British Army. He was dynamic in the military until December 2017. After his retirement, he dwelled in Somerset town of Norton Fitzwarren, United Kingdom.


Who Is Collin Reeves’ Wife? He and his significant other battled with Mr. and Mrs. Chappel on 11 November 2021. The couple was disturbed by the whimsical way of behaving of Collin Reeves and his better half.

As indicated by different reports, Collin killed his neighbors in the wake of sneaking inside their home. He denied perpetrating the wrongdoing on different occasions, yet all the proof says that he is the killer.

In spite of the fact that his better half was associated with the battle with their neighbor, police and different reports propose that Mrs. Collin was not associated with this wrongdoing. This is the doing of Collin himself.

Jennifer and Stephen Chapple Murder Sentence Collin Reeves killed his neighbors ten days after they were engaged with a verbal battle. They traded words blaming each other for the utilization of parking spot. He got inside their home in the wake of climbing the wall and slipping inside through the secondary passage.

He killed them with the assistance of a stylized blade given to him by the military authorities while he resigned. He wounded Stephen multiple times. Jennifer couldn’t safeguard herself while she was perched on a couch. She was likewise cut multiple times by a similar blade.

After the homicide, Collin dialed 999 and let the administrator know that he had killed his neighbors with a blade. The offspring of Stephen and Jennifer were resting higher up during the entire episode.

Is Collin Reeves In Jail Now? As per the court’s assertion, he will be condemned on 21 June 2022. The episode is disturbing and unnerving simultaneously. The casualty was killed in their own home, where everyone has a real sense of reassurance and away from hurt.

Their youngsters were still snoozing on their bed and were waked up by the police, who showed up at the crime location after Collin called 999 and detailed his wrongdoing.

More On Collin Reeves Colin enlisted in the British armed force in 2002. He served in the military for just about 15 years. He was additionally posted in the Afghanistan battle during his administration period once.

He attempted to move away from the charges about injuries and stress from his military days, however his clinical reports demonstrated that he was not experiencing any psychological pain which would make him end the existence of two honest individuals.

Collin was filling in as a truck driver after his retirement. Subsequent to being captured, he was befuddled and expressed his name at the police headquarters as Lance Corporal Reeves. He was indicted at Bristol Crown Court.