Who Is Crysta Abelseth? Victim Claiming John Barnes of Gumbeaux Digital Branding Rapist


Crysta Abelseth had to help her attacker monetarily after the dad of the youngster was conceded 50/50 guardianship.

A man named John Barnes was blamed for assault by 16-year-old Crysta in 2005. She was offered a ride home by the man when she was out at night with her companions.


Then, at that point, 30-year-old Barnes, rather than taking the minor to her home, returned her to her place and assaulted her. The attack brought about a birth of a wonderful child young lady when Crysta was only 16.

Crysta’s child was 5 years of age when he learned about her and petitioned for guardianship. Louisiana judge allowed him 50/50 care realizing that he had assaulted Abelseth. In addition, she even needed to pay him for youngster support.

John Barnes Victim Crysta Abelseth Wiki and Age Explored John Barnes casualty Crysta Abelseth is 32 years of age starting around 2022. She was 16 years of age when the attack occurred. John was never charged even after Crysta recorded the case in 2015.

As indicated by Abelseth, albeit the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s office said the case was open, her culprit was not charged in light of the fact that he had associations with policing.

The culprit John even compromised her that he had associations in the equity framework and could do anything to her. There could be no other individual data accessible on the casualty Crysta or the culprit, John Barnes.

Who Is Crysta Abelseth Husband? Crysta Abelseth is hitched to her better half Brandon and has a wonderful group of 5. The pair got hitched in March 2021 and they have 2 lovely little girls.

On her Facebook profile, she has shared an image of her loved ones. Other than that, she has not unveiled any more data about her loved ones.

Crysta Abelseth Net Worth Crysta Abelseth’s total assets has not been unveiled. Her own data is likewise not accessible on the web. Appears as though she needs to keep her own life hidden and out of open eyes.