Who Is Eugene De Leon Sr? Texas Rattlesnake Handler Dies At A Festival From Bite


A veteran snake controller, Eugene De Leon Sr, was at 60 years old when he died subsequent to being chomped by a Rattlesnake in Texas.

Snake Handling was an enthusiasm for Eugene De Leon Sr. He had been doing it for quite some time. Yet, his demise brought about by a diamondback chomp has left everybody grief stricken.


Snake Handler Eugene De Leon Sr Dies At Age 60 By Texas Rattlesnake Bite Eugene De Leon Sr, a veteran snake overseer, died at age 60 in the wake of being chomped by a rattler during a celebration in South Texas. He was chomped in the shoulder and taken to a Corpus Christi emergency clinic, where he surrendered to wounds eight hours after the fact.

As per NY Post, he was dealing with diamondbacks before an audience when he was chomped, as per snake show coordinators.

The Freer Chamber of Commerce coordinates the occasion, the city’s biggest celebration of the year, with a populace of 2,600 individuals. Following the episode, they additionally communicated their sympathies on Sunday.

They likewise added that De Leon “did everything” in Freer when it came to snakes. It included standard appearances at the yearly celebration and appearances on nearby untamed life shows.

Insights concerning Eugene De Leon Sr On Wiki Euge De Leon’s subtleties are not accessible on the wiki. Notwithstanding, he had fought snakes for over 20 years.

Individuals who realized him had said that he was energetic about dealing with snakes. He was very much adored, and his family and others would watch him taking care of deadly snakes, however for his purposes, it was essentially hitting the dance floor with them.

In spite of the fact that it is disheartening that he died, some netizens said he was doing what he cherished in his last minutes. He died at a medical clinic on Saturday, hours subsequent to being chomped by a poisonous snake at the Rattlesnake Roundup in Freer.

Eugene De Leon Sr Family Mourns His Death Eugen De Leopm, Sr’s family delivered his demise news on Facebook. Nonetheless, according to sources, her sister, Monica Dimas, posted about his demise news via online entertainment.

She said that he had an enthusiasm for snake taking care of, and throughout the previous 20 years, he had been doing what he cherished.

They additionally requested that others keep his mom, Evalina Morgan, and other relatives in their requests. Tragically, the insights regarding his kids or family members are not accessible on the web.