Who is Graeme Barry Hobbs Footscray? AFL Scandal After Fan Adam Kneale Abuse Story


Graeme Hobbs’ inclusion in prepping kids and mishandling them came into the spotlight went one of the people in question, Adam Kneale, talked about being physically manhandled by him.

Adam’s story has made many individuals stunned, and they can’t comprehend how a 50 years of age man Graeme had the option to do things like this.


Who is AFL Graeme Barry Hobbs Footscray? Wikipedia Graeme Hobbs was a previous Footscray Football club’s CEO, however he has no Wikipedia page yet.

Footscray Football club is presently known as AFL Western Bulldogs Club and he was tremendously engaged with the group, doing different jobs at the Club. He had filled in as the executive of raising money and Under-19 group room steward.

Hobbs was functioning as the CEO of the club in 1992 and had labored for a very long time prior to being banished from the club as his appalling demonstration of preparing kids came into the spotlight.

Graeme was additionally a senior specialized official with the Defense Department in Maribyrnong and was associated with testing ammo and explosives for the Navy.

Adam Kneale Abuse Story Regarding Graeme Hobbs Adam Kneale was one of the physically mishandled casualties of Graeme Hobbs and was damaged by the occasion that impacted his life to this date.

He was attacked by Graeme when he was only 11 years of age and couldn’t fail to remember the astonishing experience. His account of misuse came out when he composed a 5500-word composed explanation to police at North Altona on January 28, 1993.

Graeme presented himself as Chops and uncovered that he frequently gave him as many passes to the footy as he needed and cash too.

This was the start of the story, and it went more terrible as Hobbs used to take him through the Footscray workplaces and social club on game days and carry out the thing.

Was Convict Graeme Hobbs Arrested? Graeme Hobbs conceded to 13 charges of disgusting attack, one of buggery, and one of having kid porn. He was 50 years at the hour of capture, and the insights concerning his family and spouse had not been revealed.

He was captured and condemned to jail for a long time in 1994 and died in 2009. He was engaged with different hoodlums in a pedophile ring.