Who Is Janell Davis-Mack? Food Network Host Eric Adjepong Wife And Wedding Pictures

The primary episode of The Great Soul Food Cook-Off on Discovery Plus in November 2021 and on OWN Network in May 2022 pulled in huge watchers.

The show’s dedicated devotees are glad, and some have even started to estimate about whether it will be reestablished for additional seasons. The group has been enraptured by one of the adjudicators, Janell Davis-Mack, who is likewise the spouse of one of the contending culinary specialists, Eric Adjepong. She has been a prompt number one with the fans.


Who Is The Wife of Chef Eric Adjepong Janell Davis Mack? Janell Davis-Mack, born in 1984, is an effective business visionary who runs her confidential inside plan firm.

Furthermore, she and her significant other, Eric, are the originators behind the organization Pinch and Plate. The couple’s objective in laying out this business is to give clients expertly arranged and catered feast encounters in the solace of their own homes. William Mack, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania inhabitant, is Janell’s glad parent. William is a righteous man who cherishes his family, buckles down, and fears God. God has favored William in numerous ways.


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Data about Janell’s mom isn’t known. In November 2015, Janell Davis-Mack got the ring that Eric Adjepong had been holding on to give her. The pair traded promises at a customary Ghanaian function at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This wedding occurred in May 2017. In spite of this, the pair had currently secured the bunch in a Ghanaian service held in September 2016 in Columbia, Maryland.

At the point when Janell at first showed up in New York from Washington, DC, she went to a local party where she initially met Eric. Janell thought Eric was attractive, and both of them were presented at the party. Then again, Eric doesn’t recollect the gathering being referred to. After some time had elapsed, Eric found her on Facebook and afterward mentioned to be her companion there. He did this, despite the fact that he had forgotten when they had initially met.

In spite of this, the two gave each other their telephone numbers, and things immediately advanced from that point. Whenever Janell and Eric first went out on the town, they went to Cafe Lalo. Outside the bistro where they had their most memorable date, Eric and Janell chose to wed after just a year.

Since they wedded, the pair has gone through each day of their coexistences in ecstatic contentment. Janell is the beneficiary of Eric’s undying love and reverence. Together, Janell and Eric are the guardians of a young lady. She was given the name Lennox and entered the world in September 2018.

Find out about Eric Adjepong: His Wikipedia Bio Eric Adjepong was a competitor on Top Chef during both season 16 and season 17.


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Eric was the main individual in the show’s set of experiences to make West African food varieties while contending. He could separate himself from different competitors such that supported him in winning the opposition.

Eric has kept improving his kitchen skills since showing up on Top Chef. During that time, he has likewise amassed a sizeable and committed following because of the show. Eric is an American born and brought up in New York City, making him an individual from the original of Americans. Despite the fact that his folks are of Ghanaian drop, they got comfortable the United States.

Eric’s essential interest is obviously in cooking, yet he additionally has desires to seek after interests in different fields. It was uncovered in 2021 that Eric had marked a book manage Penguin Random House to distribute two books. It was expressed that the books would be delivered all the while. The first will be a kids’ book, and the subsequent one will be a cookbook.

The two books are expected to be accessible sooner or later in 2022. Despite the fact that Eric’s calling expects him to commit a lot of time, he never allows this to keep him from investing quality energy with his loved ones. He is an exceptionally dedicated spouse and father. Eric appreciates investing energy with individuals he thinks often about.

Despite the fact that Eric appreciates investing a ton of energy in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t see the value in getting a few activity and taking in the natural air. Eventually, stops are dependably really smart, paying little mind to the amount you partake in your work. Climbing and other open air exercises are two of Eric’s number one methods for investing energy in nature, where he can see the value in the normal marvels encompassing him.


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Eric likewise gives culinary examples through his site, so assuming you’re keen on getting any of his pointers and procedures, you can do as such there. He shows each of his classes on the web. Before every meeting, Eric gives his understudies definite data with respect to the materials they should buy.

As an aspect of his responsibilities, Eric has functioned as a culinary specialist at a few remarkable foundations. Two of these have been regarded with the Michelin Star. As his profession advances, he will be given numerous unbelievable conceivable outcomes without a slight trace of uncertainty.

How Rich Is the Star Chef Eric Adjepong? It has been expressed that Eric Adjepong has a total assets between $3 million and $5 million.

His essential types of revenue come from the accommodation business, including cafés and providing food organizations. Eric is a notable cook and food provider, and his name should be visible on the Wikipedia page for the Top Chef: Kentucky contest. As a notable culinary master and unscripted tv character, he will probably get a sound check and be liberally paid for his work. Notwithstanding it, he is additionally a financial backer in City-State Brewery.

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