Who Is Jordy Martel? Update On Miami Police Officer Tasing Pregnant Woman


As of late a tape surfaced where Martel was tasing a woman while he laid his knee on her neck. The video started shock among individuals. The video additionally portrayed a comparable case to George Floyd’s case.

This started the interest of many, and the general population is incensed at the offense at Martel’s hands. To exacerbate things, Safiya Satchell is said to have been pregnant at the hour of the unfortunate behavior, which likewise seethed general society considerably more.


Who Is Jordy Martel? Official Tasing Pregnant Safiya Satchell Jordy Martel is a 32-year-old official from Florida who got captured for true offense and viciousness against the pregnant Safiya Satchell.

Martel got being scrutinized after he was found tasing and stooping on the individual of color’s neck beyond Miami Club. This occurrence seethed people in general as it was basically the same as George Floyd’s case.

Jordy forcefully attacked Safiya on January 14 of 2020. The quarrel happened when Safiya was eating with a companion and she got disappointed by the server and tossed the tip on the server’s face.

Club’s chief requested the assistance of safety and Martel turned out to be working off the clock when he ended up interfacing with Satchell. Despite the fact that cop Jordy made sense of that Safiya was oppressive and attempted to punch him and fight with him, he had no grounds to bow the lady on her neck.

Investigators made sense of that they reserved no option to bow the lady down and hold her there. The occurrence left the country’s public frantic, and individuals request equity for Safiya.

Is Jordy Martel Fired? Jordy Martel landed terminated from his position. Jordy has been accused of offense and battery, as indicated by the Miami-Dade state lawyer.

The police association has said that the charges were because of a politically charged climate. He is presently confronting two counts of a crime of true wrongdoing and four counts of misdeed battery.

The charges came after the protestors in the nation requested equity for the dark pregnant lady Safiya Satchell. The occasion has left many individuals shaken and disturbed by the official’s way of behaving.

The public has been requesting cops’ protected direct among people in general.

Jordy Martel Family Details Explored Jordy Martel has not uncovered any data with respect to his loved ones. The official has minded his own business after the episode and his family’s subtleties have not been uncovered to people in general.

Martel has been coming up against his indictments and has been terminated from his situation. How his family feels about this entire fight is as yet a secret to us.

Jordy is confronting the results of his activities and ideally this fight can be an update for everybody to perform safe unfortunate behavior among individuals.