Who Is Kayla Hill? 12 Year Old Girl Missing From Bay Ridge


Kayla Hill, a youth from Bay Ridge, has been missing for quite a while, as per police. In Bay Ridge, the 12-year-old young lady lives with her auntie. Her family is crushed by the information and is utilizing online media to get the message out with expectations of tracking down the small kid straightaway. We should dive into this story to find out about her folks and see whether her vanishing was purposeful.

Missing: Who Is Kayla Hill From Bay Ridge? Age Explored Kayla is a 12-year-old young lady. Her genuine birth date still can’t seem to be revealed. Kayla Hill is a seventh-grader at Brooklyn’s Middle School 936.


Kayla lives with her auntie in Bay Ridge, as indicated by NYPD, and it’s accepted she fled. She was last spotted before the end of last night (Wednesday, February 15). She is accounted for as being 5’0″ tall, 120 pounds, and wearing Levis and dark boots.

The police division is taking a stab at all that could be within reach to find the missing youth as fast as could really be expected and has requested that the overall population telephone 911 assuming they see whatever could prompt Kayla being brought together with her love ones.

Kayla Hill purportedly educated cohorts that she wanted to ride a transport from the Port Authority to Vancouver, Washington, where she previously dwelled with her mom, father, and two more youthful kin.

Kayla’s family’s hearts should sting because of the grievous occurrence of her vanishing. We implore she is found free from any and all harm and got back to her auntie straightaway.

Who Are Her Parents? Facebook Photo Explored Kayla Hill has seen her mom was in effect lethally shot by her dad two years prior. Kayla Hill was in the vehicle with her folks, brother, sister, and maternal grandma on November 26, 2019.

That is the point at which the dad started undermining Tiffany Hill, the mother. Tiffany Hill was disastrously killed as her grandmother attempted to intercede by getting out to ask for help. A shot was likewise discharged at the grandmother.

Tiffany Hill’s three youngsters were sent the country over by their grandma, who made due, to begin another life in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Kayla’s auntie, Tabitha Ojeda, said, “She’s been fighting with feelings around the shift. With her mom gone, she’s in treatment.”

Ojeda guaranteed her niece had gotten comfortable pleasantly at her new school and made companions, however she was disapproving of her maternal grandmother, who had endure the shooting. Further detail looking into it is as yet refreshing. If it’s not too much trouble, stick to us till then, at that point,