Who Is Macro Haber? Okey Oynayan Dayilar Meaning And Twitter Posts Details


A media and news site, Macro Haber, posts a wide range of content alongside the new happenings. With the viral video of Sedat Pekar, Macro Haber figured out how to grab the public eye. As the clasps governed over the web, the contention on him rose on the stage, making ruin.

Following the video, Sedat has blamed the Turkish lawmaker and asserted that their association in the criminal operations. The entire circumstance has assembled a few watchers on the accounts, and many inquiries that left unanswered.


Nonetheless, the Twitter record of Macro Haber is staying aware of the debate and refreshing the circumstance. Here how about we released the entire setting and the conditions.

Who Is Macro Haber? Know Macrohaber1 Full scale Haber is the information and media site that gives the public data on current happenings, basically about governmental issues. It is accessible on the Twitter account with the username @macrohaber1.

The site joined the Twitter stage in May 2022 and has gotten more than 4.8k adherents. Following its profile in the record, it is from Izmir, Turkey, and offers the news in various classes.

In the mean time, it predominantly discusses the letting the cat out of the bag, Agenda, economy, world, sports, innovation, wellbeing, magazine, and so forth.

Until this point in time, there are over 1.3k tweets on the record, however its fame rose with the Sedat Peker debate. Likewise, the proprietor of the Macro Haber has not come to the glimmer while living a position of safety.

By and by, what makes the biggest difference is the content given by locales has drawn individuals’ advantage. The record appears to be really captivating and coming to toward the Twitter client until further notice.

The quantity of adherents of the page client is by all accounts expanding also, with their most recent reports on the discussion including the lawmaker.

Okey Oynayan Dayilar Meaning On Twitter Okey Oynayan Dayiler” is the frequently utilized shoptalk word in Turkish, which straightforward interpretation is “Uncles playing alright.”

Numerous clients have involved the word for different purposes and furthermore for parody. Utilizing “Okey Oynayan Dayiler” would assist with taunting the individual without sounding hostile.

One of the Twitter client have involved it as “manisa demirci akincilar kahvesinde okey oynayan dayılar için petekler yanıyor ama gelecegin öğretmen adayları için cbu eğitim fakultesinde petekler yanmıyor amk.”

The web-based device interpretation is as “For the uncles playing okey in manisa demirci akincilar bistro, the honeycombs are ablaze, yet for the future educator competitors, the honeycombs are not lit in this training workforce.”

The other client have involved it as “Yoshi bey bu tarz yorumlar yapan insanlara tüm Tokyo’yu gezdirsen yine inanmazlar “gizli yiyorsunuz” derler. Bu ülkede kahvede okey oynayan dayılar ülkeler arasındaki gizli anlaşmaları biliyorlar japonyayı da senden iyi bilirler bence”

Its interpretation through the web-based apparatus, “Yoshi, assuming you show individuals who offer such remarks all over Tokyo, they won’t completely accept that it, they will say “you are eating covertly.” Uncle playing okey in espresso in this nation know the mysterious arrangements between nations; I think they understand Japan better compared to you.”

Is Macro Haber Situation Related To Sedat Peker Viral Video?
Full scale Haber just refreshed the circumstance with Sedat Peker and Rasim Kaan Aytogu. Other than that, it isn’t connected with the new debate.

Additionally, it is assisting general society with getting out the disarray by refreshing on the happenings.