Who is Maegan Hall? City of Lavergne female police officer scandal explained


Hitched Tennessee cop Maegan Lobby was as of late terminated from her situation for being engaged with an undertaking with six of her kindred officials at the La Vergne Police Division.

Sergeant Lewis Powell, Sergeant Ty McGowan, Official Juan Lugo, and Analyst Seneca Safeguards are different officials who were booted from their positions close by Corridor.


In the mean time, Officials Patrick Magliocco, Larry Holladay, and Gavin Schoeberl were suspended from their jobs for their association in the outrage.

Examination concerning the supposed issues started on December 12 after La Vergne Chairman Jason Cole got data from an informant and asked the city’s HR Chief, Andrew Patton, to investigate what is happening.

The examination found that the previously mentioned officials on the subsequent shift participated in undisclosed actual connections both on and off the clock, had private experiences inside the station while on the job, and traded unseemly photographs and recordings among one another.

The report referenced that a portion of the experiences occurred at football watch parties facilitated by officials, where they participated in liquor filled capers and examined including their spouses close by Maegan Corridor in confidential exercises.

Other confidential experiences supposedly occurred at a shift party during a NFL game and at an inn following an excursion at the Go Kart USA focus. Official Maegan Corridor was blamed for removing her top during one such caper, occurring at a “hot tub party” on Sergeant Eric Staats’ houseboat.

While Staats was not straightforwardly associated with the outrage, Lobby was blamed for having one more claimed private experience with a cop in the washroom of the previous’ boat.

City chairman Cole said that the circumstance was “inadmissible” and referenced that he requested the elaborate officials to be focused after the examination came to a nearby on December 28:

“When it was drawn out into the open it was promptly examined and move was initiated upon the people in question.”

LVPD Police Boss Burrel “Chip” Davis let CBS know what is going on was “troublesome” yet he needs to guarantee individuals that a couple of officials don’t address the whole division:

“This is a tough spot for our specialty and for the city, however I need to be evident that the activities of a couple don’t address this division overall.”
La Vergne Council member Kara Hobbs let WTVF know that she was “stunned and generally speaking frustrated” by the circumstance. She added that specialists should chip away at reconstructing the trust of the local area:

In the mean time, the Rutherford Province Lead prosecutor affirmed that there was “no proof” of any crime in the circumstance.

Maegan Lobby is a previous cop at the La Vergne Police Office. She as of late stood out as truly newsworthy in the wake of being terminated from her occupation for having illicit relationships with no less than six of her kindred cops both on and off the clock.

Lobby is hitched to previous state park officer Jedidiah, who is likewise the child of a minister. Officials engaged with Corridor guaranteed that she said she was in an open marriage, however her better half supposedly looked resentful after he saw the previous kissing official Magliocco’s significant other, Amy, during a party.

As per the Everyday Mail, Jedidiah and Maegan Lobby were school darlings and secured the bunch in November 2018. The couple likewise purchased their most memorable family home in Manchester in Spring the year before.

Reports from an inside examination propose that Lobby purportedly attempted to include her better half in her trysts, yet all the same the last option “wasn’t ready.” Notwithstanding, Jedidiah supposedly chose to remain by his significant other in the midst of the continuous debate.

Jedidiah’s chief, Espresso District Sheriff Chad Partin, let the Everyday Mail know that the previous endeavored to rescue his union with Corridor regardless of her embarrassment:

“I don’t have any idea how he’s making it happen, he’s to a greater degree a man as opposed to I am, yet he’s attempting to rescue his marriage.”
According to the distribution, Maegan Lobby experienced childhood in rustic Tennessee and held onto fantasies about turning into an entertainer. Be that as it may, she wound up entering policing her 20s and worked for the second shift preceding her restriction from the job.

Notwithstanding her undertakings, a few partners supposedly communicated worries over Corridor’s weighty drinking and psychological well-being issues. Examination reports recommend that official Magliocco said Corridor once emptied her weapon and dry-discharged the firearm at her head “so she could hear what it seemed like.”

Magliocco additionally announced that Maegan Lobby supposedly voiced “hurtful considerations.” He purportedly said on numerous events that Corridor “ought not be distant from everyone else.”

Corridor has been depicted as a “dainty blonde” with a “endearing face” and was known for showing her weighty tattoos on her TikTok accounts. Directly following her outrage, the previous cop was shot grinning while at the same time strolling her canine in the yard close to her conjugal home, wearing a shirt, sweat pants, and a baseball cap.

She was subsequently seen changing into a wool shirt and pants prior to going to a close by sports bar and purportedly enjoying a few hours with a pile of papers and a vape pen.

Maegan Lobby additionally addressed The Everyday Mail interestingly since the contention and said that she was not keen on examining what is happening and on second thought zeroed in on “continuing on” and carrying on with her life.