Who Is Matt Wright’s Wife Kaia Wright And How Did They Meet?

Matt Wright met his better half on Rottnest Island in 2014. They had been together for eight years at this point.

The pair got hitched in 2017 and became guardians without precedent for 2019. What’s more, as of late, they have invited one more youngster into their loved ones. Fans have been saluting the couple on having one more part in the family. Furthermore, their child, Banjo, is overjoyed to be a senior brother to a wonderful child sister.


Matt Wright and his significant other, Kaia Hammond, had a fantasy meeting. They met on Rottnest Island, and their gathering was an unadulterated happenstance.

Kaia had recently wanted for a heavenly messenger to tumble from the sky when her companions had gotten some information about her dating life, and it was that very day when Matt showed up on the island on his helicopter. At last, it seemed like the divine beings paid attention to her desires.

Matt Wright and his better half Kaia Wright visited Hallmark’s “Home and Family” at General Studios Hollywood on January 24, 2018 in Widespread City, California ( Source : gettyimages )
They hit it off rapidly and stayed in touch with one another subsequent to trading numbers on their initially meet. They dated for a very long time before matt proposed to her in 2016 in a heartfelt setting. They got hitched following an extended period of commitment.

Furthermore, they invited their most memorable kid in 2019. Presently, the couple claims three profoundly productive vacationer organizations in the Northern Domain: Top End Safari Camp, Tiwi Island Retreat, and Top End Safari Camp, close by their appearance in Netflix’s series Wild Region.

Assuming anybody catches wind of how Matt and Kaia met, it would seem like something that would either occur in films or fantasies. As per Cinemaholic, Hammond had quite recently completed her correspondences degree and was searching for a corporate work in London.

Be that as it may, she actually had not pursued her ultimate conclusion. Thus, at some point, she was unwinding with her companions on a boat moored off the shoreline of Rottnest Island, and they got some information about her dating life since she had been separated from everyone else for quite a while.

After a couple of rounds of champagne, she said that she was finished searching for a beau and trusted that a heavenly messenger would tumble from the sky. Around the same time, Matt traveled to Rottnest Island to track down one of his partners to deal with a forthcoming venture.

Wright’s helicopter showed up close to where Kaia was celebrating. They had a short discussion, however the two of them felt a moment association. They traded telephone numbers, stayed in touch, and before long began dating.

Following two years of dating, Matt made the relationship official. He picked beautiful East Highlight propose to his accomplice to wed him in 2016. He flew his helicopter and stopped it on Pee Small Café’s grass prior to getting down on one knee and posing the inquiry.

Kaia Hammond, who was delighted, cheerfully wore the ring he proposed to her with. Then, at that point, the Outback Wrangler star took to Instagram and imparted the fresh insight about his commitment to everybody.

He additionally expressed gratitude toward grant winning Sydney adornments fashioner Musson Diamond setter imaginative chief Oliver Musson for the ring. Also, Musson said thanks to him for allowing him to be important for their unique occasion, composes Ntnews.

They Got Hitched In 2017
The pair got hitched following an extended time of anticipating November 10, 2017. The wedding occurred at the lavish Realm Spa Retreat in Yallingup, Australia. The wonderful area is reachable for Leeuwin-Naturaliste Public Park and some of Western Australia’s top surf sea shores, Hi Magazine.

Kaia looked dazzling in a hand crafted trim outfit planned by Pallas Couture. She composed that she was the most joyful young lady alive Instagram declaring her marriage. She additionally stated, “My heart is so loaded up with affection, I have the closest companions and family on the planet and absolutely­ adored getting up toward the beginning of today as Mrs. Wright.”

In like manner, Wright communicating his affection for his recently married spouse, stated, “Got hitched yesterday to the most astonishing lady on the planet” on Instagram.

Matt was born on August 29, 1979. He is 43 years of age, yet his significant other is still in her 30s. She might be either 32 or 33 years of age, and her date of birth isn’t referenced on the web.

Nonetheless, she experienced childhood in Western Australia’s lovely Kimberley country and finished her secondary school training in Perth prior to moving to Sydney to read up for her Unhitched male of Media Correspondences in News-casting.

She at present lives on a remote and extensive property in the outback of Australia’s Northern Region with her better half and youngsters.

Matt Wright imparts two youngsters to Kaia Wright. They as of late invited a child young lady into their loved ones. Fans have been saluting the family, while some even kidded that the before they know it is that the youngster will ride crocodiles.

It may not be unthinkable since Matt’s child was once seen taking care of a goliath snake. In spite of the fact that it was not venomous, his dad was seen showing him how to deal with it in a viral video that surfaced web-based the year before.

In a viral video, netizens saw Matt’s two-year-old child, Banjo dealing with the Olive Python in the Northern Domain in 2021. His dad directed him while the youngster was attempting to pull the python across the grass, yet it folded itself over a wooden post.

While it might look very perilous for individuals who saw the video interestingly, some may not find it abnormal as he is the child of the one who catches and migrates risky creatures like crocodiles, snakes, and wild bison, as referenced in Canberra Times.

Furthermore, the snake was not venomous, and their chomps are innocuous to people, in spite of the fact that they are frequently killed on the grounds that many misconstrue them as venomous Lord Earthy colored Snake.

Matt and his significant other, Kaia, have become guardians for the subsequent time. They invited a lovely little girl a couple of days prior. She goes by Dusty Confidence Wright.

Kaia shared a few recordings and photos of her child young ladies on Instagram. The three-year-old brother, Banjo, was seen holding her and conversing with her.